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Other Plans

I woke up to a crisp cool morning. Temperatures in the 50's. No humidity. You'd never know it was mid-July. It could easily be mistaken for an early Autumn morning. 
My cuddily Oompa Loompa (aka Baxter the Goldendoodle) seemed especially sweet while I got ready and loyally stayed right by my side. Knowing I had some extra time and wanting to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, I decided to take the dog for a walk. Little did I know he had other plans.
I should have known before we left our driveway when he was trying to chase the leash, spinning himself - and me - in circles and working us both into knots. I realized the problem. I was giving him too much leeway. I had to tighten the leash, give him less rope and essentially less freedom. I attempted to keep him right by my side. He still had other plans. 
We started our ascent down from the cul de sac. It's the perfect hill that requires no pedaling when whizzing down on your bike (yes, even at my age I have tried it)…

Today and Everyday

Marry me, today and everyday
It was one year ago today when I became Mrs. Michael Wright. We danced to the familiar song by Train just after we'd been announced as Mr. & Mrs. The wedding was simple. A small gathering of family and a handful of dear friends on a hot summer day. We stood in the center of our loved ones gathered around us as they shared in our joy. A summer thunderstorm had popped up just before the ceremony but once it was gone it left a rainbow painted across the sky. If anyone needed one more confirmation from God it was there. The presence of the Holy Spirit filled the room. 
I love when people ask how we met and we both end up dumbfounded. We laugh about how often our paths must have crossed for years and how we never met before. God wrote our story. He's still authoring new pages and chapters each day. Somehow He saw fit to bring two lives together and work it all out for His good and glory. 
On this first anniversary I want to share some things I'v…

He's My Son

In the past 6 years, I've heard it all. Some variation of someone's opinions based upon their observation.

"He sure is a handful."

"Your son has so much energy."

"Does he ever stop?"

There's the more polite version that attempts to cover up what they actually mean, "I bet he crashes at night."

The other assumption, "You must be exhausted."

Then there are those who won't say it to my face so I get the second-hand comments, "I heard he's quite a character." What exactly does that mean?

They like to label it with things like "He's got an active imagination" or "He's so creative."

I get the consoling of "One day that energy will be put to good use," or "I just don't know how you do it."

Do what? Parent? Be a mother to a boy? Be his mother? Gasp.


How do I be his mother? How do I parent this active-on-the-go boy? It's simple. The same way…