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Today Is My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Today is my favorite day of the year. (But you already knew that!) I never pass up an opportunity to celebrate ANY holiday so why would I not want to go all out for MY birthday?!

There's a reason I love my birthday so much. I've explained it before, and it seems almost cliche, but it bears repeating.

My birthday, February 19th, is the day when the God of the Universe, Creator of ALL things, chose for me to enter this world. Even before my birth, He was knitting me together, planning all the days of my life and it began for me on this day 39 years ago.

You might be rolling your eyes. You may not appreciate my perspective but I need you to know it's not just my birthday - I think everyone's birthday is something to truly be celebrated. He planned you and the day. He created you. I think it's something He truly celebrates.

It's not just another day or another year. It's the day that God planned even before any one of my days on earth bega…

When It Hurts

I could see the look on his face and I knew something was wrong.

"How was your day?"

"Awful...Mom, [my best friend] told me he doesn't want to be my friend anymore."

His face bore the resemblance of a deflated balloon and I choked back the tears as I prayed for words. He didn't want to talk about it, naturally, and I didn't blame him but I was feeling everything he was feeling as if my own friend had delivered the news to me.

Flashbacks of childhood friendships came rushing back. A flood of emotions hit me as I felt the protective defenses kick in. As his mama I wanted to protect him, console him, defend him, and set this straight. As his sister in Christ I knew I needed to pray for wisdom to help coach him through one of life's many disappointments.

We talked about friends and friendships, how people come and go, how sometimes people are just mean, how sometimes they're hurting and hurt people, and sometimes we don't understand but it still…

God Showed Up

God showed up for us in a huge way today. I won’t go into detail but our family was facing a monumental decision. It was one of those things where it would have impacted each of us individually and all of us collectively for years to come. It’s been a whirlwind for a few days as we debated, discussed, prayed, weighed out options and prayed some more. I have to be honest. The point of this post is not to share what happened as much as it is to give God the glory for His faithfulness in each and every detail of our lives.

I’ll keep the specific situation vague because I think the journey is what can apply to others. In this case I have to admit I was seeking God’s will.  We were prayerfully asking for Him to reveal our next steps. That didn’t stop the actual situation from being a tornado of activity that required quick decisions and huge risks. Being as transparent as I know to be, I don’t know how you discern the balance between forcing your will and waiting for God’s. Don’t get me wr…