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It's that time again. Time where, if for no one other than myself, I gather the moments and memories of the year in review and compile them here as a way to document and reflect. Today I spent time reading and reviewing these year end blogs all the way back to 2011. To see how the Lord has been at work is an ever-present reminder that no matter what we face, He's never left or forgotten us.

We started 2017 traveling to Tennessee for Poppy's celebration of life service. We returned to the first and only snow of the season.

February is always my favorite month and this year proved to be no different, although the celebration itself was much more low-key than the usual pomp and circumstance. The pizza would say otherwise but I enjoyed a quiet night out with the family eating pizza and chocolate cupcakes downtown. 
Mom and I got to take a trip to the Chick-fil-A corporate offices in March. It's important to note because this is the first full year of having myself, mom, an…


As I was putting away the ornaments and decorations, I noticed the sparkly peacock Eli had picked for the top of his blue tree was broken. He wanted it special to remind him of Davina, the peacock he's affectionately named and looks for every time we visit our favorite Florida vacation spot. We've seen her every time we go. Eli makes sure of it. He'd first named the peacock Dave only to learn that he was a she so he switched it to Davina. I felt the peacock tree topper was an excellent choice but now that I saw it broken I hesitated to put it away with all the other decorations. 
I know my boy well enough to know its broken state doesn't qualify it as useless. I admit I set him up with the conversation:
"Hey bud, did you see your peacock is broken?"
"Yeah, I know mom. It's okay."
"What would you like to do with Davina?"
"Mom, if you're suggesting we're throwing her away, that's not even an option. Just because she'…


Noel, NoelCome and see what God has doneNoel, NoelThe story of Amazing love!The light of the world given for us,NoelOne of my favorite Christmas carols is The First Noel. I love the beauty of the word. I have it displayed in multiple places throughout our Christmas decorations. Last year I discovered Lauren Daigle's song Noel and my heart was captivated (the above chorus). The story of amazing love - truly the reason for the season, when the light of the world was given to us. Our Savior, Emmanuel.This morning as the familiar chorus played, I was struck by the word. While I love how beautifully it looks and sounds, I didn't actually know what it means. You may know me well enough to know that I have to find the meaning... So I looked it up:- A Christmas carol- A joyous wishUpon further exploration, I found that at its roots it can be traced back to a Latin word that means birthday. Now you know how I love a good birthday!Suddenly my love of this word that embodies a joyous bir…