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34 Cents

Thirty-four cents. That's what my character is worth.

Let me explain.

We dropped Eli off at school and headed to the store for a few items. My girl loves to go shopping with me and this was no exception. Most Monday mornings we have the place to ourselves so it's okay that she "runs free" through the aisles. She also enjoys helping me scan the items at the self scanning check-outs so we made our way to an empty line and scanned our items after we had shopped.

I don't know if I'm alone here, but these things literally stress me out. There was absolutely NO ONE waiting in line behind or around us but even so, I felt the pressure to hurry up and get those stupid plastic bags pulled a part - which seems nearly impossible. Add a few people in line behind you and those things are certainly glued shut, I'm convinced. Thanks to my little helper handing me items in the cart one by one, things were stacking up on the scanner and I was trying to make sure we scanned…

Pacifier Wars

It's been a long-time coming. I knew we needed to kick the habit awhile ago but I wasn't strong enough. Yes, I admit, this was on me. The reality was I knew I had to be committed to the task and I simply wasn't. I knew it would be hard and it was one of those parenting battles I wasn't ready to face.

I first gave Violet the pacifier for two reasons. The main reason was she started sucking her thumb and I knew that would be an even worse habit to break. The second reason was purely selfish because she refused to take a bottle and I thought it might help her take one. That never came to fruition but staring down 2 and a half years old I knew it was time to be rid of the attachment.

What triggered my own determination was the day we forgot the beloved "pappy" in the car and faced a literal meltdown. Through tears and screams and wailing, we knew there was a problem. That started my adventure toward turning to social media to seek advice. I knew it was a matter …

Suit Up

We've been under fierce attack. Our entire family has experienced it. One after another, we've felt the pain of the enemy's repeated onslaught of us as a whole and individually. It's been from every side - and why wouldn't it be? The devil lies in wait, seeking whom he may devour and he doesn't just sneak up on you. He pounces with such intensity he intends to go straight for the jugular. In this case, he's hit close to the heart and left a raw bleeding mess. 
The reality is he doesn't get the victory. We are crushed but not defeated. I know this and am claiming it in Jesus' name. But he certainly knows how to knock our feet out from under us and leave a path of destruction. We're left dazed and confused, picking up the shattered pieces and trying to find the strength to move forward. Struck down but not destroyed.
There was a point when all I could do was utter the words, "Lord, speak Your truth. Speak truth to my heart." I wasn't…