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Fantastic Friday

You know the scene. The morning scramble of herding children - trying to get them dressed, fed, and out the door. Socks and shoes are never where you need them to be when you're in a hurry. Frustrations abound with a scattered mom brain and scurrying children. It was a frantic Friday indeed.The scene was comical at best. A barefooted toddler was running laps in the driveway at the mention of my notion to get her hair fixed. She never slowed down but I never lost my determination. I chase her, running while combing and putting in hair bows. I was completely unaware of the spectacle we were to the neighbors until I finally stopped to catch my breath and realized I was panting. I felt certain I deserved a medal for the Olympic feat I'd just accomplished of two perfectly placed pigtails all while running full speed after a toddler. My boy was no less frantic, searching for his Batman costume. It was super hero day at school and the costume was nowhere to be found. Never mind the f…

Taking a Stand

My newsfeed is flooded today. Once again we've hit a wall on where the lines are drawn between respect and standing (or kneeling) for what we believe in. Some are standing up for the sacrifices made for the freedom to do so. Others are kneeling in an act they claim is seeking justice.  Whatever your own stance today, I implore you to hear something even more important than recent headlines.

This isn't political. It's not about the flag or the anthem or the President. It isn't about a race or denomination, it's not about gender or labels. It's about the only thing I know to be absolute truth and that is the fact that He bled and died for us ALL. To cover every single one of our sins and our foolishness. His blood is enough.

This is my own personal stand for Truth. Not what I believe is truth but what God's Word actually says is Truth. The One and Only Truth. The inerrant Gospel of the Son of God who came, willingly gave, and sacrificed His life for my soul.