Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For the Love

Stop! Stop whining. Stop griping. Stop complaining. Stop groaning and moaning. Stop casting stones. Stop breaking bones with the sticks you're throwing. Stop accusing. For the love of all that's good and decent, just STOP!!!

In the words of Andy Stanley, "you're scaring the children."  But for real. I was volunteering at my son's school and had 8 year olds willingly offer their votes, some for Hillary, others for Donald, repeating what inevitably they'd heard uttered at home. One even shared, "If [one unnamed candidate] wins we sure are in trouble." Indeed. We are in trouble. But not because of one man or one woman. Oh no, our troubles go much deeper than that of one person. 

We're ADULTS and yet none of us can seem to put on our big kid pants and extend an ounce of grace let alone a hand. Forget missed handshakes. This is cutting to the core of our humanity. We're tied up in Twitter wars and social media slug fests as if our lives depended upon it. Trust me. There is definitely life that depends on it and they are the ones who can't even speak for themselves.

This isn't about party lines. This isn't about which side you're on. This isn't about turning your die-hard affiliation toward another or - gasp - not vote at all. Seriously?! Oh, I get it. Your passive aggressive determination to NOT choose will allow you to be "off the hook" so you can simply claim you had nothing to do with it. Or maybe you did and maybe your attempt to avoid a choice means you forfeit your voice altogether.

The very essence of our spirits are wilting. Dying. We're growing weary, indeed, and "if we don't get the right person elected it's the end of the world... Government matters. Policies matter. But neither of those matter as much as men and women who understand this word: FAITH. Confidence that God keeps His promises and nothing can thwart the plans of God." (Andy Stanley)

So stop. Stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop harassing those who believe differently than you. Stop blaming the government. Stop giving up hope. Stop living as if our world is hanging in the balance of this one elected official. God is still God. He just IS. For the love of all humanity, He's God. For the love of all that truly is good and decent and just, He is. For the love of you and me, He is. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Politically Incorrect

I'm over it. I'm done with the onslaught of media. Heartbroken over it all. Disgusted by one candidate. Repulsed by the other. Completely overwhelmed with the state of our country. Truly underwhelmed by the options. Feeling absolutely disgraced like every other American. Questioning our ability to look ahead toward a bright future. Clinging to God's sovereignty despite man's humanity.

The war of words is the least of our worries.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

It's an attack on humanity. The innocence of life who cannot speak for themselves. The equality of rights that represent a complete abomination. The argument fueled by racial tension. The outrage of life lost and the black and blue blows seemingly behind it all. The growing spirit of pride and entitlement fueling our selfishness and righteous indignation. 

You don't like either candidate. I completely understand. How did we get here? We keep asking. Somehow we're confused that this is our choice. The thing about free will is that we are in fact given the right to choose. For the people, by the people, right? One nation under… Well, you fill in the blank. Persecution. Distress. Division. Unrest. Hopelessness. What is it you say? We've tossed any semblance of reverence out like last week's trash and yet we still can't seem to find the reason for our present state of being utterly lost. 

The state of our union is a divisive split. One that represents more than party affiliation. This goes much deeper into the heart of humanity and reaches into the fallen sinful nature that exists in us all. We're quick to throw blame on one person or their political association. Neglecting our own personal responsibility allows us to somehow feel less guilty for our role of passively aggressively sitting back and letting social media be our voice. We won't vote. That'll fix the problem...right?! We're quick to toss the cards out online and start the debate but I wonder how many of us would actually be prepared to defend to the bitter end. Defend what, you ask? I'm not here to defend my belief in the good of mankind. On the contrary. 

"All have sinned and fall [drastically] short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23

All. Each one of us. We're desperately in need of a Savior. There is division, no doubt, but it has nothing to do with which candidate you're voting for. There is a great divide that spans far beyond a nation divided. It is our fallen flesh that separates us from a Holy God. I cannot judge the heart of any man, or woman in this case, but I can tell you that each and every one of us is a soul that Jesus Himself died to save. Save from what? From this. From the depravity of ourselves. Forget party separation - this is our hope to be rescued from eternity separated from Him. I can't tell you that it will fix this political torment. I can't assure you that our nation will be healed. I can't promise that everything will work out and we'll all join hands and sing Kum-bah-ya. 

I cannot tell you how I will cast my ballot on November 8. Does it really matter right now? The only thing I can give you is the fact that I place my hope and trust in the Lord. I imagine He's grieved at all this mess. No doubt my own broken heart is a small indication of the magnitude of how He must feel over His own creation in such a state of unrighteousness. It's why He came. It's why He gave. It's why He died. For you and me. For this moment. For 29 days from now. For 365 days from now. For every day He planned since the beginning of time. 

I can only offer that you are given the same free gift of salvation and that, my friend, is your right to choose. It is your sovereignly designed free will to accept - or deny. This isn't about who you do or don't vote for. This is about accepting the eternal gift given to bail each of us out of the creation that groans and cries out around us. This world will pass away. The election will come. Someone will be elected President, whether we like that person or not. The only thing that will matter in the end is what you chose to do with Christ. Period. He remains the most politically incorrect "candidate" this world has ever seen and yet He is the absolute only way.