For the Love

Stop! Stop whining. Stop griping. Stop complaining. Stop groaning and moaning. Stop casting stones. Stop breaking bones with the sticks you're throwing. Stop accusing. For the love of all that's good and decent, just STOP!!!

In the words of Andy Stanley, "you're scaring the children."  But for real. I was volunteering at my son's school and had 8 year olds willingly offer their votes, some for Hillary, others for Donald, repeating what inevitably they'd heard uttered at home. One even shared, "If [one unnamed candidate] wins we sure are in trouble." Indeed. We are in trouble. But not because of one man or one woman. Oh no, our troubles go much deeper than that of one person. 

We're ADULTS and yet none of us can seem to put on our big kid pants and extend an ounce of grace let alone a hand. Forget missed handshakes. This is cutting to the core of our humanity. We're tied up in Twitter wars and social media slug fests as if our lives depended upon it. Trust me. There is definitely life that depends on it and they are the ones who can't even speak for themselves.

This isn't about party lines. This isn't about which side you're on. This isn't about turning your die-hard affiliation toward another or - gasp - not vote at all. Seriously?! Oh, I get it. Your passive aggressive determination to NOT choose will allow you to be "off the hook" so you can simply claim you had nothing to do with it. Or maybe you did and maybe your attempt to avoid a choice means you forfeit your voice altogether.

The very essence of our spirits are wilting. Dying. We're growing weary, indeed, and "if we don't get the right person elected it's the end of the world... Government matters. Policies matter. But neither of those matter as much as men and women who understand this word: FAITH. Confidence that God keeps His promises and nothing can thwart the plans of God." (Andy Stanley)

So stop. Stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop harassing those who believe differently than you. Stop blaming the government. Stop giving up hope. Stop living as if our world is hanging in the balance of this one elected official. God is still God. He just IS. For the love of all humanity, He's God. For the love of all that truly is good and decent and just, He is. For the love of you and me, He is. 


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