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Blessed Be Your Name

It was a special church service yesterday. A day to honor the fathers in our lives. A choir full of men behind us as we lead worship. The resounding baritone voices carrying the melodies of How Great Thou Art and Blessed Be Your Name. I can't sing that song without the distinct memory I have of singing that more than 10 years ago. It was the Sunday after we were told a certain baby wouldn't be ours. We had interviewed with a birth mom and it went exceptionally well. She even shared the name she had picked out for him asking me to use my dad's name as his middle name. I was delighted she had put so much thought into this and felt certain she was going to choose our family to adopt the son she was carrying at the time of the interview. More than a week passed of silence until finally the news came: she chose another family.I was devastated. I can show you the place in my bible where I wrote that baby boy's name in the margin and specifically prayed for him to be mine. No…

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