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Super Mom

Seven days. That's all that's left of the school year. Two of which are early dismissals and the long-awaited, well-earned summer break will be here. At this point we are nearly crawling toward the finish line but we ARE going to get there. I wish my son would just buy lunch but instead he requests one packed. We've resorted to the store-bought lunchables and pre-packaged snacks. Not the healthy kind either. We're talking chips and cookies. The elaborate napkin drawings have turned into smiley faces and stick figures (at best) with a "Love you." We stopped doing homework 2 weeks ago. It was SOL season so it was what I felt was my due diligence to ensure my child saved up his brain power for school. (Yes, this is the story I'm sticking with because it is how I've convinced myself that we all get a homework pass.) But seriously, if it wasn't already learned previously, why do we think there's going to be anything of grand importance shared the l…

Breaking the Silence - Infertility

I first shared this on 5/12/12. I'm updating and modifying this story but still feeling it's relevant to share, especially as we approach Mother's Day this weekend. 

We'll honor mothers everywhere this weekend. If you're at church like me, you'll be asked to stand and be recognized as the congregation will applaud moms. But I'm mindful that a few years ago I was not able to stand, and while I was seated and blending in with the crowd, I was silently dying inside.

Please don't take offense, but when you're dealing with/diagnosed with any type of infertility, it's not usually the kind of thing that makes the prayer list. Over and over on our prayer requests from church we see requests for surgery, illness, cancer, accidents, sometimes even emotional health. But I have yet to see one prayer request come through that calls for the prayer chain to lift up a couple who are struggling with infertility and the desire to get pregnant. (Maybe this is happen…

For Mother's Day

Portions of this blog are modified from May 8, 2014. 

I get sentimental around this time. It's a divine gift that my little miracle celebrates life
during the same time of year when I get to celebrate becoming a mother. Nine years ago
on Mother's Day I wasn't even aware of him. Yet I was oh-so-aware of the absence of him.
I prepared myself for yet another Sunday when I'd sit in church and all the mothers around
me would stand to be recognized while I would silently sit, hiding my pain and choking back
Nine years hasn't been enough time for me to forget the ache I carried of wanting to carry a
child. Even now after carrying my own child, I remember it all. I pray I never forget.May is also 
the month when we should have welcomed another child but that was not God's plan. 
It makes me mindful that every time I see a miracle enter someone's world that someone 
else is still praying and waiting and hoping for theirs. 
I was never good with kids. I wasn&#…