Super Mom

Seven days. That's all that's left of the school year. Two of which are early dismissals and the long-awaited, well-earned summer break will be here. At this point we are nearly crawling toward the finish line but we ARE going to get there. 

I wish my son would just buy lunch but instead he requests one packed. We've resorted to the store-bought lunchables and pre-packaged snacks. Not the healthy kind either. We're talking chips and cookies. The elaborate napkin drawings have turned into smiley faces and stick figures (at best) with a "Love you." 

We stopped doing homework 2 weeks ago. It was SOL season so it was what I felt was my due diligence to ensure my child saved up his brain power for school. (Yes, this is the story I'm sticking with because it is how I've convinced myself that we all get a homework pass.) But seriously, if it wasn't already learned previously, why do we think there's going to be anything of grand importance shared the last seven days of school? Shouldn't we just be done with it already?

I admit this regrettable attitude has spilled over into other areas. Home cooked meals? What's that? We've eaten out for 2 solid weeks. We've had birthday's and celebrations and work and an unusually busy season. There's not been time to meal prep and cook but we are all eating. 

Don't worry, though, the house is clean. Oh it's spotless. That's because I'm paying someone to come clean and we're living outside now that it's finally warm. Don't judge me. I'll give you her number if you want. She's life-changing.

I know we should have limits on how much "screen time" the kids get but let's be realistic. If I don't have the energy to pack a lunch or cook a meal, do you really think I'm coming up with creative ideas to keep the kids entertained? Besides, I already told you it's warm outside and that should be all the entertainment we need. Don't get me wrong. I'm going to be right there in the middle of bubbles and sidewalk chalk and pulling them on walks in the wagon. But there are no Pinterest crafts or science experiements happening here. It's outdoors or in front of a screen and that goes for me too. Shameful, I know. 

Seven days. I haven't even thought about the summer goals and projects, let alone sat down to plan our activities and calendar. I'm not quite sure what's happening to me other than I'm just running on fumes at this point. 

In an effort to regroup, I sat down to meal plan for the first time in 3 weeks (right alongside my grocery clicklist order because I'm far too busy/lazy to actually GO grocery shopping). I exclaimed to my husband, "I'm going to be Super Mom this week!"

He didn't miss a beat. "What do you mean, you're GOING to be Super Mom?"

"I'm going to meal plan and prep and cook homemade meals AND desserts!"

Once again right on cue he rebuttled, "That's not what makes a super mom. You're already super." 

He walked out the door before I could argue or ask for more. But the statement left me pondering. 

Could I somehow embody something super without providing for my family in these ways? How am I actually providing for them if not cleaning and cooking and elaborately planning on their behalf? 

The Lord spoke to my heart as clearly as my husband's words had been. 

"Pray for them. Be present. Love. Share Me with them."

It was just last week when I had been riveted by a book that led me to draw up new prayer cards, one for each of my children and my husband. Those prayers and scriptures sparked an inspiration of family guidelines that I believe are to be the guideposts of our home. I don't care if my kids grow up recalling their favorite homemade dish that I made. I'd much rather them talk about the mother who prayed for them daily and covered them in God's Word. Here's the thing. My efforts could all be in vain but His word will never return void so as long as I'm serving them with His Truths, I don't have to worry about what's on the dinner table. 

Just last week we lost power for several hours and ended up receiving the biggest blessing as a family while we gathered around candles and flashlights playing games and reading bible stories. It literally took my breath away to hear my son recount the story by heart and share that he had just read it on his own. Who cares about math when my son is memorizing scripture?! 

I know I could give a little more effort to the cause of homemaking but in my world I preach stick to your strengths so for now I'm going to stick to mine and not pretend to be the super hero of the kitchen and home. Rather I'm going to give my heart and soul to serving my family  with my time and affection. I'm going to pray over them and seek to have God's Presence covering our home. I'd rather focus what little energy I have right now on cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in my life so I can better serve my family. 

So here's to you, Super Mom. Just trying to get through the last few days of school, pulling together last minute meals, spot-cleaning clothes, and making your house a home. Wrap your arms around their necks and cover them in your prayers. Don't be afraid to let your cape fly high as long as you're willing to bend your knees on their behalf. 


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