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Chance Encounter

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I slowed to read the words scrawled on a cardboard sign as I passed the man. His clothes looked worn and his scraggly hair was falling from the loose braid. I didn't dare make eye contact. That would be too heart-wrenching. But I glanced long enough at his face to make the assumption that joy had been depleted from his life. For whatever reason he said he was "down on his luck," I believed him.
I was in conflict. My heart wanted to stop but the morning rush of traffic in front and behind me were not going to let me pass up the green light ahead of us. Forward motion was the only option despite the twinge in my heart. 
I was immediately overcome with emotion. I felt guilty for the banana I had inhaled in the car and the iced mocha I had been sipping. I knew the only thing I could do in that moment was pray for him. For provision. For God's presence to be felt. For his needs. For his soul. 
I went a…


Yesterday I was studying the fullness of God. He is full of compassion. Full of mercy. Full of love. It could better be described as overflowing or an abundance.

The only reason I am able to give any amount of goodness is because of what he gives to me first. It is his very nature. And yet innately within me my flesh wars against it.

So I asked God, what does this mean for my life? How could I show his fullness to others? I asked for him to give me an opportunity to express compassion and mercy.

Within the first hour I believe I had already failed the challenge. Be careful what you ask for, right?

I had encountered a rather challenging person in a situation that I simply didn't want to deal with. It wasn't my problem and I didn't feel that I needed to be the one to solve it. And then it hit me. Is this not what I had prayed for? Was I not being faced with an opportunity to express compassion and grace and mercy and to show God's love in a situation where I ordinarily …

Parenting 101

I love the fries at Five Guys. Although it was taking an exceptionally long time for the food and E was not into being patient. As a matter of fact, he was bouncing off the walls. Literally. He was hanging from the partition wall that separates the line from the dining room, calling it his "exercises." After what felt like a near eternity, we finally had food and I felt certain this would lure him to his seat. Who was I kidding?

Maybe it was his sudden outbursts loud enough to cause the entire restaurant to look, or the up-and-down nature of taking a bite and leaving his seat to run around. It could have even been his ignorance of my constant scolding. I'm sure all of that combined with the fact that seated at our table was my friend and her three boys who hadn't so much as made a peep. There they sat, quiet little angels, perfectly behaved. The only muscles moving were those in their mouths as they silently consumed their dinner. Whatever it was, I admit. I was mor…