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We had such an enjoyable morning. A full blown dance party before school, watching my children play and interact with each other with smiles and shrieks of sheer joy, I couldn't help but join them. Never mind it's a tragic sight to watch me dance. It didn't matter. It would have been more of a tragedy to not participate. I felt as young and carefree as them ... except for the cracking in my knees every time I jumped up and down.

The sun was shining after days of rain and we were enjoying the warmth of what 60 degrees could feel like on a spring morning. It beckoned us outside where we forgot about the pollen choking our throats. I wasn't watching my watch or barking out orders to keep us on schedule. I was simply living in the moment and delighting in the thrill of their joy. Their smiles were contagious, their laughs infectious. Their love for each other was flooding my soul as I watched in wonder. Witnessing the freedom in their play and the full surrender of their …

Missing Easter

It was a vacation to remember! There are simply no regrets (other than maybe how many calories were consumed) but we couldn't have asked for a better week. And then it happened.

As we were making the long trek home, I was bored and scrolling through feeds only to be bombarded with pictures of families surrounded by colored eggs, children running through fields gathering up eggs, baskets overflowing with gifts and candy, and smiling faces posed with the Easter Bunny. I started to feel sad because we hadn't done Easter "stuff." There were no hunts, we didn't color eggs, we didn't do Bunny pictures and there weren't even Easter baskets. I had spent so much time planning for vacation and making sure we had a chance to celebrate my husband's birthday that we missed all the Easter festivities. I wasn't jealous of others' pictures but I was feeling like we had missed out on celebrating Easter. Then I started to feel even more remorse about my pity par…

Vacation Moments

Some thoughts from vacation;

1. Bringing two sets of grandparents on vacation guarantees plenty of help for the kids but also enormous amounts of spoiling and sweets being snuck to said children. Actually, they weren't even trying to sneak as most of their blatant attempts were right in front of our faces. 
2. Violet proved she could hang with the rest of us and also that she doesn't want to miss anything with only a 20 minute nap in a 14 hour stretch at Magic Kingdom. She did remarkably well overall. 
3. Eli showed enormous amounts of maturity and together we're learning how to help ease anxiety and work through meltdown moments. I couldn't be more proud of how well he did! He thoroughly enjoyed himself! 
4. People around the pool have a remarkable self confidence. I worked out for months to be bathing suit ready and still was more covered than 90% of those around me. I can't decide if they should be more covered up or if I should be more confident. 
5. We had the most…