We had such an enjoyable morning. A full blown dance party before school, watching my children play and interact with each other with smiles and shrieks of sheer joy, I couldn't help but join them. Never mind it's a tragic sight to watch me dance. It didn't matter. It would have been more of a tragedy to not participate. I felt as young and carefree as them ... except for the cracking in my knees every time I jumped up and down.

The sun was shining after days of rain and we were enjoying the warmth of what 60 degrees could feel like on a spring morning. It beckoned us outside where we forgot about the pollen choking our throats. I wasn't watching my watch or barking out orders to keep us on schedule. I was simply living in the moment and delighting in the thrill of their joy. Their smiles were contagious, their laughs infectious. Their love for each other was flooding my soul as I watched in wonder. Witnessing the freedom in their play and the full surrender of their ability to just be allowed the normal hustle to be forgotten.

It's amazing what you can learn from a child. All the while you're the one meant to be teaching them. Yet I couldn't help but watch in wonder as my own eyes were enlightened from the lesson playing out before me.

Today wasn't about schedules or places to be or commitments needing to be kept. Today was about being a steward of the opportunity before me to savor every drop of carefree youth as I soaked up their enthusiasm. Today was about learning to experience joy in the simple pleasures of life as we picked up rocks, plucked weeds, and let the spring morning breeze brush across our faces. My hands were dirty from the mud and I didn't care. Make no mistake - I am not a "get your hands dirty" kind of girl but today I was because today I was digging in the mud with my kids who were exploring the bugs and slugs from the days of rain. Today was about letting them make a mess and dig in the dirt even though their clothes were clean and we didn't have time to change. Today was about releasing all inhibitions while throwing our hands up in the air as we let our bodies move to the beat. It was about learning to lay down the desire to "capture" the moment and live in it instead.

Today was a day I won't soon forget as I got to experience the rewards of motherhood in all its glory. I'm learning about the ministry of motherhood and the lessons I can learn from ministering to my children as they minister to my soul.


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