Missing Easter

It was a vacation to remember! There are simply no regrets (other than maybe how many calories were consumed) but we couldn't have asked for a better week. And then it happened.

As we were making the long trek home, I was bored and scrolling through feeds only to be bombarded with pictures of families surrounded by colored eggs, children running through fields gathering up eggs, baskets overflowing with gifts and candy, and smiling faces posed with the Easter Bunny. I started to feel sad because we hadn't done Easter "stuff." There were no hunts, we didn't color eggs, we didn't do Bunny pictures and there weren't even Easter baskets. I had spent so much time planning for vacation and making sure we had a chance to celebrate my husband's birthday that we missed all the Easter festivities. I wasn't jealous of others' pictures but I was feeling like we had missed out on celebrating Easter. Then I started to feel even more remorse about my pity party realizing I had truly missed the celebration of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection. This wasn't about baskets and eggs. This was about so much more and I was suddenly faced with the fact that I still had time to celebrate.

I was thankful we were home in time to attend church and worship on Resurrection Sunday. Even as I sat in service I was feeling like I had somehow missed it, like my heart just hadn't been prepared to celebrate. And there it was. The message entitled 'Don't Miss Easter.' Surely this one was a special delivery just for me. This wasn't about empty baskets or stark white eggs. This wasn't even about being in church on Easter. This was about my own heart bending in worship to grasp the magnitude of this day. This was about understanding that any Easter festivities should be centered around celebrating the great sacrifice and amazing miracle this day represents. 

Every part of my eternal existence hinges on this day with the reality that Christ conquered death and paid my debt. Easter candy loses half its value tomorrow simply because it's "after the fact." The price Christ paid never loses its value yet seemingly becomes an afterthought on this candy-filled, egg-infused holiday.

I nearly missed it. It wasn't a traditional Easter and there weren't picture-making Easter memories to share. But you know what? I have something so much better to share! I have the good news that Christ conquered death, that He paid the price for ALL, each and every one of us, to be able to have the gift of eternal life. He rose! Today represents the gift of LIFE given through victory over the grave. The tomb is empty. He isn't there. And that, my friends, is the most amazing thing I could ever share or celebrate.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the festivities and fun the same way I embrace and celebrate Christmas but this year turned out a little bit differently with the reminder that I didn't need all the Easter "stuff" to celebrate Easter. But what if you weren't in church today. What if you were alone in a coffee shop with nothing more than your bible and your thoughts? What if you were gathered around a table full of family and food wondering what's it's all about? What if you were knee deep in grass searching for eggs? What if you're just now coming off the candy sugar rush and ready for call it a day praying you captured some part of today's significance? 

I hope you haven't missed it. It's not too late to embrace this gift and celebrate with thanksgiving that today, Resurrection Sunday, He has indeed risen, for you, for me, for each of us. Let's not let this day close without stopping to make sure we haven't missed Easter. 


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