Vacation Moments

Some thoughts from vacation;

1. Bringing two sets of grandparents on vacation guarantees plenty of help for the kids but also enormous amounts of spoiling and sweets being snuck to said children. Actually, they weren't even trying to sneak as most of their blatant attempts were right in front of our faces. 

2. Violet proved she could hang with the rest of us and also that she doesn't want to miss anything with only a 20 minute nap in a 14 hour stretch at Magic Kingdom. She did remarkably well overall. 

3. Eli showed enormous amounts of maturity and together we're learning how to help ease anxiety and work through meltdown moments. I couldn't be more proud of how well he did! He thoroughly enjoyed himself! 

4. People around the pool have a remarkable self confidence. I worked out for months to be bathing suit ready and still was more covered than 90% of those around me. I can't decide if they should be more covered up or if I should be more confident. 

5. We had the most magical day at Magic Kingdom but as we were leaving along with the mass exodus, it was a stark reality to look around at the thousands of people and wonder how many of them know the Lord. What if they felt about Him the way they felt about Disney? Oh yes, I unashamedly love Disney World but I love my Savior so much more. This is the world we live in and leaving our bubble was certainly a reminder of how lost so many still are. 

6. Car rides are really terrible for me. I get too car sick from reading or looking down too long but I also get extremely bored. The kids did better than me, actually, but I am thankful for Dramamine and a DVD player. 

7. Being gone the week before Easter made me slightly sad that we missed out on Easter festivities like dying eggs and hunts and bunny pictures but I am truly grateful for the memories made and the opportunity to be in church worshipping on Resurrection Sunday! 

8. Tomorrow is Easter but it's also my husband's birthday! We got to celebrate with his parents while in Florida but somehow he thinks he's holier than me for sharing his birthday with Christ's sacrifice. Coincidentally his dad's birthday is on Christmas Eve. 

These are just a few of my family fun vacation moments! 




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