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The Way He Chose

I had the distinct privilege of traveling to Israel for a New Testament study tour during my sophomore year of college. It was life changing to say the least. When I read of the storms Jesus calmed I can picture the Sea of Galilee where that took place. I floated in the Dead Sea. I went deep into the Church of the Nativity and saw the spot that commemorates Jesus' birth. The sights and experiences of that trip have brought the Scriptures to life but it's never more vivid in my mind than during this time of year.

It was a quiet and somber walk down the Via Dolorosa. It literally means "sorrowful way" and that was certainly the mood of our tour group. Now lined with symbols to mark the way Jesus took all the way to Calvary. The streets were narrow at points, crowds pressed in around vendors. We felt violated. Almost like they should have known the observance we were trying to pay. Much like the crowds who gathered to mock and spit and criticize. It was a road marked wit…