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Under Attack

I'll never need a tell-all book about my life because here I am once again admitting my deepest secrets with blatant honesty. A few weeks ago I wrote of an experience at church that was beautiful and moving and spirit-filled. Our church called to pray and in that effort an act of surrender where people can write their sin, the one that continually grips and besets, on a notecard and drop it in a box at the altar. It's not just the act of putting it in the box, it is the process of leaving it there, never to be entangled by this sin again. I shared with you that your sin is probably different than mine, but we struggle much the same. Since then I've prayed over this, asking the Lord to search me and reveal what I needed to leave at the altar. The Lord made it so clear to me - only not in the way I expected. 
I was suited up - armed and ready, poised in prayer and eyes fixed on the Lord. And that's exactly when he struck. It wasn't a quiet creeping in kind of pursuit.…

A Lesson In Parenting

Today has been one of those days when I've struggled. Struggled as a mom. Struggled as a friend. Struggled as a wife. Struggled with the obstacles put in front of me. I know the answer. I know what to do. Stop. Pray. Breathe. Pray again. I've tried, and still failed miserably. I'm just being honest. 
I find myself making excuses, trying to explain my son's behavior and all the challenges he faces. I hear the words of a friend ringing in my ears, "It would almost be easier if he had something blatantly wrong with him." That's the thing. There isn't anything wrong with him. He's exactly the way God created him. And he's mine. My boy. Even when he's challenging and frustrating and trying my patience. I want people to understand him. I want them to know there are some things he just can't help. I want to explain his meltdowns and acting out. I see the stares. I know what you're thinking. I've thought it before too. If only... "…

Snow Days

If every day was a snow day, moments like these would become priceless memories.  
If every day was a snow day, we would lie around in pajamas and sleep in late. 
If every day was a snow day, kids would bundle up in layers of snow gear and trek outside to play in the snow until their fingers are numb, enjoying every inch of the snow building forts and snowmen.
If every day was a snow day, those frozen kids would come back inside to sip hot chocolate while they warm up. 
If every day was a snow day, moms would make chili and grilled cheese and dads would shovel the driveway (I mean no sexism, understanding many role reversals in varying families). We would indulge in yummy comfort foods and snack too much. 
If every day was a snow day, we would watch family movies and play on tablets and read books to pass the time. We would play games and make messes and think about all the projects we should be tackling in our time at home. 
If every day was a snow day, we would do science experiments, bak…

A Call To Pray

...let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. Hebrews 12:1b
The sin. The thing that so easily entangles us. Other translations say that which distracts, entraps or weighs us down. It's my button, if you will. The pressure point the enemy knows surely how to get at and targets each and every time. Mine isn't the same as yours but no doubt we both wrestle just the same. 
It started for me on Christmas night. My husband and I watched The War Room and the powerful call to prayer gripped my heart. Through sovereign intervention, it's been the theme and call to action over the last few weeks from our pastor. A call to pray. A plea to seek the Lord, not just for what I want or desire, but to call upon Him for revival, renewal and restoration. 
They've put up boards around the church where you can post your prayer requests and praises but on the altar are two boxes. We've been asked to write it down. The sin. The one that haunts us. The one…

A New Normal

I'm not quite certain how much time I spend in a day holding my little one and staring at her. I never thought I could just sit still for hours on end but somehow the moments melt into memories the longer I hold her. I feel like I've barely blinked and almost two months have passed. It's the reason I'm holding onto this time and forgetting the usual to do lists. I'm cutting myself some slack for couch sitting knowing it's the means to relishing this time that will all too soon be fleeting. 
There's a lot of truth to this photo caption, recognizing the most important job title I will ever hold doesn't come with an actual paycheck. The obvious question I get so often is when I will return to work. The answer isn't a simple countdown of days. In fact it's caused me to understand my role with all new enlightenment. My work is not clocked in hourly wages. It's counted in memory making. My accomplishments aren't necessarily applauded by cowor…