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A Day of Dedication

Some days parenthood is hard. It's exhausting. It's the trying of every ounce of patience until you come to the end of yourself and find just a little bit left...only to have the life sucked out of you by the little beings you call your children. You would die for them, and yet there are moments when you wonder how you manage to keep them alive. There are days when all you can do is survive. No Pinterest projects. No homemade meals. Nothing post-worthy and certainly nothing you want to make a memory over.

And then there are days like today. Today was all of the reasons we became parents. Today embodied the feelings, blessings and emotions of parenthood that make you stop in the stillness of the evening when life is dying down and babies are cuddled up and you simply utter, "Thanks."

Today is one of the moments we etch in our memory: February 14, 2016, Valentine's Day. A day to recall our family's commitment to raise our daughter for the Lord. I remember the…

Pinterest Fail

You've seen it before. The pictures portraying the feeble attempts at the glamorous Pinterest projects only to be stamped with a huge "fail." Cakes that are flopped, crafts falling a part, pictures so pitiful you laugh but feel sorry for the poor soul who failed so miserably. Oh wait. That may have been my own failed photo. 
And so the story goes. I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for recipes, making my weekly meal plan and working on the grocery list I would need to accomplish these artful dishes. A beautiful spring wreath. Hand-crafted valentines. 101 creative ways to play with your baby. Fit and fab workouts. The more I scrolled through pins, the more depressed I became. "I wish I could be more Pinterest worthy." My husband wasn't about to step into this one. I got a look that said he loved and supported me but my musings weren't founded. But I knew what I meant. I'm not blogging about my amazing creations, sharing tips and tricks, offerin…

One Fateful Trip to Walmart

To every mother everywhere, I salute you. You've surely been there before. At least I hope so because if I find out I'm the only hot mess of a mama out there... Well, it could confirm suspicions of me my losing my mind.

This was my husband's drawing for me today. If only he knew. I am so far from super and I can prove it. 
There I was. A simple trip to Walmart. Only I have a baby now so there is nothing simple about even the smallest errand. She had been screaming since being put in the car seat, not typical, but in true form the movement of the car put her to sleep. I wasn't about to wake my sleeping baby by removing her from the car seat carrier. If I were a true baby wearer this little obstacle wouldn't have phased me, but nevertheless I fall into the baby carrier category. Have you ever carried a growing baby in one of those? If you've seen the thighs on this girl you could easily know this isn't a light load. Don't worry. I tell her all the time ho…