Stuff Happens

I lost my wallet last week. It started with the realization that I could remember the last time I had it but beyond that, I had absolutely no recollection of the next time I had it. I panicked. I got upset. I freaked out - trying to retrace my steps. People kept trying to help me look or ask me questions about what I last remembered. It was as if the part of my brain remembering what happened to the wallet became BLOCKED - completely blank. I simply couldn't recall ANYTHING.

It got to the point where I knew I needed to start canceling cards. The debit card with the insurance money to rebuild the house was in that wallet. Someone ELSE might have been building a house and we'd have been, well, broke.

The next day I started to replace my things... I needed to get a new license but needed money to pay for it so I started at the bank. My debit cards were canceled but I needed photo ID to withdraw money. I flashed my Flames Pass (work ID) and got $20 after one of the tellers also verified he knew me. I ended up at the DMV where you should have seen the looks I got trying to flash a Flames pass there. "You have to have REAL documentation that says you are who you say you are." Um, yes ma'am ... but see, what happened birth certificate and social security card and passport ... (well, you know...) they got burned up in the fire. My neighbor JUST SO HAPPENED to be standing behind me and she verified my story. (I know - standing in the DMV, one of the places everyone hates to go and it's like standing in front of the teacher and telling her for real the dog ate your homework.)

I still ended up not getting a real driver's license. All I walked away with was a piece of paper that says I can drive while I have to mail off to get my birth certificate, return back to the DMV to verify I am who I say I am, and replace my driver's license.

You have to laugh, really. At this point losing a wallet seems like a small thing. How it all connects to "other" things is slightly bigger. Sure it's a complication, but it's not the end of the world. I'm learning with each annoyance, nuisance, difficulty or circumstance I really don't have control over the "stuff" that happens. What I do have control over is my response. (Well, most of the time. ;) ) Even when I don't feel like I have control over my emotions, I have the ability to pray about my response and trust the Lord to take care of the rest.

Stuff happens. It doesn't mean I don't get upset. It doesn't mean I don't get frustrated. It doesn't mean I don't even scream or cry or pitch a fit. It just means I'm human, living life as fallen flesh in a fallen world...doing my best to serve and trust and glorify a Sovereign and GOOD God!


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