Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God You are faithful

I could barely sing the words today. There's not enough blog space to capture all the ways God has shown His faithfulness to me. When I was unfaithful. When I was faithless. When I could barely muster up hope to make it through another day. And today I stood before my church to proclaim that never once, not during any of the deepest darkest pits, never in the barrenness or emptiness, not in the loneliness or brokenness, never once did He ever leave me on my own. With hands raised to Him I testified that never once did I walk alone. Not during any of the tests or trials, not across any of the roughest terrain I could ever traverse. He was there, right there, being my faithful loving God through it all. 

Did you hear me? I stand before you to proclaim His faithfulness. Yes, I admit I say this in what may appear a mountaintop season. But I assure you, we are in the middle of a season filled with unexpected outcomes and unpredictable change. There's still much to be discovered and determined and things unfolding that I am not in control of. And it is in this season of uncertainty when I stood on stage with tears in my eyes barely able to utter a note yet breathing out His praise because I know my God is faithful. I know even this isn't too much for Him. Even this He has covered. Even this is in His control. Even this. Praise You, faithful God!

I don't know what season you're in. I don't know what you're facing. I don't know if you're wondering how God could ever redeem any of this or if you're proclaiming His goodness because of the mighty work He's done. Wherever you find yourself, I pray you can know and trust His faithful love and promise. He is faithful. Faithful to complete the work He's begun in each of us. Faithful to direct our paths. Faithful to redeem our lives. Faithful to restore what the locusts have destroyed. Faithful to never leave His children. Faithful to be our shield and defense, our strength and our Rock. Never once should we lose faith because He is Faithful God! 


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