The First Day of School

How did this happen?? Just a few short weeks ago (right?!) we were kicking off mom's summer camp of fun and learning. There were grandiose plans, tons of organization and lots of effort put into our summer of fun together. We all know what happens to good intentions when life just happens. We did not do learning activities every day. His summer journal only has a few pages of writing in it. The summer goal of attempting to learn to tie his shoes was in fact attempted but not with successful completion. 

Nevertheless, time has gotten away from us and the long days of summer have somehow quickly come to a close with the start of third grade today. There's an expected level of excitement and anxiety that comes with the start of something new. This year comes with lots of changes and newness, along with lots of opportunity. Even so, the first day of school means the end of summer and I am in complete denial. 

Don't get me wrong. The summer did not come without its challenges. Many of them, actually. But something happened this summer that gave me such insight into this amazing boy that God gave me. I became the pupil instead of the teacher during mom's summer camp of fun and learning, and learn did I ever! 

We did not do learning activities every day, but I learned more about my boy this summer than in almost 8 years combined. His summer journal only has a few pages of writing in it, but the notes I took while studying and learning who he is and what makes him operate could fill a book. No, he didn't perfect the art of tying his shoes but there's a beautiful bow tied around the mother-son bond we got to share this summer. 

School has begun and while the love of organization and schedules has me motivated, I begrudgingly start this year missing my boy home with us each day. Baxter has been sad all day. Violet even talked to his picture on the fridge calling for "buh buh." 

Summer, you did not disappoint. As a necessary part of life, we must say goodbye for now and embrace change. Thank you for the time together, the memories made and the ways we were blessed. Here's to a new school year and my boy! He said it was great day and he did "all the normal things you do at school." He's a boy. I'm not going to get much more detail than that. For now we are bidding the first day of school goodnight. 


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