Good Intentions

It's December 21. Four days til Christmas. I'm full of good intentions and all the things I've wanted to do:
- Bake bread & Christmas goodies for the neighbors
- Handmade ornaments for a few who had monumental happenings this year
- Personalized gifts for loved ones
- Homemade ornaments for Elijah's for buddies and teachers
- Photo gifts for family members
- Christmas cards for friends
- More decor for the house
- More ornaments for the tree

I've got just four days to make it all happen. And I must be honest with myself - it's just not going to all get done.

I'm full of good intentions...but sometimes I lack follow through. It's usually the result of taking on more than I can handle, juggling too much at one time, and inevitably dropping the ball somewhere along the way.

Is it a character flaw? I'd like to think not. I'd rather call it the result of being overwhelmed, overworked and overcommitted. Whatever the case, I still have to take responsibility for the fact that good intentions and well meaning thoughts don't equate to the heartfelt gift of love or appreciation I had wanted to share.

The truth is I can share the Christmas spirit without my baked goods or homemade ornaments or personalized gifts.  I don't need more ornaments on the tree or to mail out Christmas cards to be mindful of the reason we celebrate.

In fact, I'm starting to wonder...if Christmas parties are so much fun and giving gifts is such a blessing, why don't we do this all year long? Why do we have to cram the month of December with an abundance of activity to the point that any normal person couldn't possibly get it all done? There are 11 other months, right? What about a friendly game of dirty Santa during April showers? Or a cookie exchange in August? Could a personalized gift mean just as much - maybe more - in October?

With four days left before Christmas and 11 days before the beginning of 2012, I'm determined not to let unfulfilled good intentions result in guilt. Rather, I'm hoping the idea of "it's the thought that counts" can help extend the deadline beyond December 25th and well into next year...or at least until I can get the list checked off!


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