What are you waiting for?

I'm reposting a Note from 12/16/09 but something still applicable a year later.

I'm usually the one with the most Christmas spirit to share. I did put up my Christmas tree in mid-November. But lately, I've been wrapped up in the whirlwind of everything else that seems to be demanding my attention. I decided to start reading the Christmas story in an effort to remember it's not about gifts or parties or cards - or even feelings...and to truly CELEBRATE the season and all that it means.

Luke 2. It's all there - clear and simple. The Christmas story. As I started to read a bit further, I discovered an unusual part of the story that you don't normally hear sermons on. Verses 25-33.

There was a man called Simeon - "He was waiting..." (vs. 25) "The Holy Spirit was upon him..." (vs. 25) "It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit..." (vs. 26) "Moved by the Spirit..." (vs. 27)

He was waiting for the Messiah. But it wasn't as if he was just an empty shell waiting...he was hopeful and full of the Spirit. Waiting because of what God had revealed - what God had trusted him with.

As I've now had the joy of cradling my own son, I wonder how Mary felt kissing the face of God. SHE KISSED THE FACE OF GOD! What an amazing thought! All the ridicule, the heartache, the mortifying moments she faced being pregnant and alone...was it all worth it when she held her Savior in her arms and rocked him to sleep? What she had waited for...the promise of hope for all the world...had been delivered.

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." (vs. 19)

I asked myself today - what am I waiting for? Am I waiting for Christmas day to feel joy? Am I waiting until I buy presents? Send cards? Celebrate with friends or family? Am I waiting for a change? Am I waiting for a miracle?

More importantly...do I trust God to do it?! Whatever it is I'm waiting for, do I trust He will? Simeon did. It had been revealed to him that he would see the Messiah before he died. And he waited. He waited longingly, expectantly. He waited with hope. And as soon as he saw him, he knew God's promise had been fulfilled and he said, "Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, You now dismiss your servant in peace." (vs. 29b)

He knew God was faithful to fulfill His promise. And once He had, Simeon was ready to go. His lifetime spent waiting was all worthwhile upon seeing and receiving salvation (vs. 30).

Today I'm hopeful. I'm celebrating the joy of Christmas in my heart. Trusting that God will do what He's promised. And believing that while I'm waiting, I can be hopeful, filled, even joyful.

I pray, too, that you find the Sovereign Lord faithful, just as He has promised, to deliver His hope and joy to you this season.


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