February 2013

It's February...and that means it's BIRTHDAY MONTH!
The highly anticipated, over-celebrated, completely exaggerated and attention-grabbing festivities that I look forward to every year have begun! WOO HOO! Yes, I know... While I am over here donning my birthday crown and waving my pom poms, some of you may be rolling your eyes. Psh.
I'm not exactly sure how this all began. I am sure I could blame it on my childhood, certainly my mother bears the bulk of responsibility for always making our birthdays such a BIG deal (at least that's what a counselor would have me believe while poking around in the soil of my upbringing, right?!). The truth is I've always loved my birthday, at no one's doing but my own, and the entire month of February. I love that God in His infinite wisdom planned for me to be born in the month of the year which boasts my favorite color purple with its amethyst birthstone.
I love that it is a month (at least in Virginia) that brings a plethora of weather, including snow, which also happens to be one of my favorite things. (Last year it actually snowed ON my birthday! If that wasn't God just blessing me with my very own birthday present!)
I love that it's the only month with 28 days (sometimes 29) and has extra special "uniqueness" from all the other months. I mean, come on, you can't deny the "mystery" in this 28/29 day month that happens every 4 years! Maybe this is why I'm so, uh, "unique"?! Ha...
Tack on a national holiday that is also widely over-rated... (I'm not anti-Valentine's Day. I've never bought into the paganism society has brought to a day set aside to remember to say you love someone. I am of the mindset that saying "I Love You" should be a daily and normal occurrence. Certainly, I can appreciate any good celebration so I'm not overlooking this day of love. The truth is I've never really had a "date" on Valentine's Day...but that is changing this year!)
When I think about the God of the universe fashioning me and forming me in His own image, it blows my mind that He had already planned all the days of my life starting with the day of my birth. (By the way, it's the 19th!)
He knew the day I would come home from Sunday school and kneel beside my bed and pray to receive His gift of salvation.
He knew the day, years later, I'd finally have the courage to go before the church and be baptized.

He knew the day I'd take a public stand among my peers about my beliefs.
He knew the day I'd face temptation and claim victory in His name.
He knew the day I'd choose my own way instead.
He knew the day I'd succeed and be applauded for accomplishments and talents He chose to bless me with.
He knew the day I'd wake up and do nothing special at all.
He has had each and every day planned for me, even though at times I've been completely unaware of the plan. He knew the day I'd decide to take things into my own hands. He knew the day He'd welcome me back with open arms. He knew the day He'd rejoice with me. And He knew the day I'd fail Him. He's known each and every day, even the times when I'd choose something outside of His will.
Another year is approaching. The month has already included a trip to the circus, birthday cards, and more festivities to come. But the month also includes boxes, packing, moving and a lot of uncertainty. I don't know what His plan includes for the upcoming year, but I know He's already got a plan and I'm trusting in Him as each day unfolds.
Birthday cards! (I'm more than 30...but this is an inside joke!)

Dat..dat...datta...da...Afro Circus...Polka Dot...Polka Dot....AFRO! Fun at the Circus!

Um...I'm trying to pack!


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