Precious Moments

I pause today in an attitude of thanks. So much to be grateful for. This weekend has been full of celebrating. Full of memories. Full of precious moments that I cherish in my heart.

It started with Elijah's 5th birthday and friends and family joining us to celebrate the blessing of this precious boy. Watching the excitement on his face and the wonder in his eyes causes me to want to do whatever I can to make sure he knows how much he is loved. The gift he is to me is beyond anything I could ever ask for. The mere fact that I get the privilege, and answered prayer, of being a mom is still an overwhelming blessing.

Which leads to the celebration of Mother's Day. It's truly an honor to call my mom my friend and now celebrate her alongside my sister and me. The great responsibility of being a mom isn't just about the many things we must do to take care of our growing children. What I've come to understand is of utmost importance is pointing him to Jesus. It becomes the cry of my heart over and over again. To show him Christ-like love. To give him instruction and discipline and pray he chooses the right way. To offer grace when he stumbles. To teach him the way he should go. To be his valiant prayer warrior, no matter what he may face or walk through. All of this I've seen and received from my own mom. Now I'm watching my little sister aspire to be the same kind of mother to my niece. A godly mother is more precious than any gift. It is the root of life. A precious mama whose given life and love to her family, her home, to the next generation. I'm so thankful for the gift of motherhood - for my own mother and now the blessing of being one.

Topping it all off is the proud moment of seeing my Prince Charming graduate. After a host of obstacles, and lots of life challenges getting in the way, Michael received his degree. He's worked so diligently for so long and it has finally paid off. He never gave up, never quit, and he made a near perfect score in his final class. I cannot explain how my heart boasts over his accomplishment, knowing how much he had to overcome to reach this goal. We celebrated his graduation and the journey that led him here. Another precious moment none of us will forget. And I am so thankful I get to be a part of it.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention, amidst the celebrating and joy, the overwhelming heartache I feel for a dear friend whose heart is broken. After 5 months with her sweet adopted baby, he had to be handed over to a biological relative today. Mother's Day. I admit that even while we were celebrating, I couldn't get her off my mind and couldn't help but think of the five months of precious moments she is reliving and grieving as her empty arms represent the cavity in her broken heart.

Precious moments. It seems only a brief time ago when I was sorrowful on yet another Mother's Day when I was with empty arms, not aware that my baby boy had already been born and in just a few short weeks I would become his mommy. Precious moments. Not so long ago I dug out a brand new Lightning McQueen car from underneath the ash. It would be replaced days later on his 3rd birthday. It was only a short time ago when we couldn't go anywhere without his Cars, one in each hand. We've gone through phases, Toy Story to Cars, to Toy Story 3, to Monsters, and now Dinosaurs. He's gone from reciting ABC's to writing me a card in his own handwriting that said "Happy Mother's Day!" These are all precious moments I treasure and remember. Celebrations that bring joy. Moments that will never be forgotten. The figurine represents a little boy whose already outgrown his hand-held Cars. But a mama who won't forget.


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