Tears Like Rain

Rain, rain...and more rain! It's been pouring. Not just a little drizzle, but downpours. I awoke to the pounding rain in the middle of the night. As I listened to the sound of it drenching the earth, I was reminded of a few days ago when my tears seemed to be falling just as heavily. Before anyone starts to wonder "what's wrong," let me put your mind at ease. Nothing's wrong, per se. But have you ever just needed a good cry? I mean the really ugly cry where you just let it all out? Tears like rain that I couldn't control or stop.

Sometimes it's unpredictable. Sometimes it's without warning. And sometimes it's without cause or reason. I'll be the first one to admit there's A LOT going on. But I equally have to acknowledge the majority of the changes and transitions are good, really really good.

But the tears weren't unwarranted. It was just a compounding of things my heart was feeling coming face-to-face with my humanity and sinking underneath the weight of it all.

It's good to be in this place. To recognize my inability to truly deal with it on my own. To understand that even with the best intentions, my plans may fail. To realize that human emotions sometimes overshadow the presence of the Holy Spirit. Should they? No. Never. But in these times, it draws me back to the reality that my heart and my flesh my fail but God is my strength, my rock and my portion.

There are still things yet to be determined. Still situations that require attention. Still circumstances that must be dealt with and resolved. Decisions to be made. Plans to prepare for. Transitions taking place and even more changes to come. There are some things that seem impossible. There are others that appear indefinite. There are any number of situations that could cause me to be overwhelmed, worried, fearful, anxious, or living in a state of unrest. But I've learned that no matter what the circumstance, I can cling to the Rock that is higher than I. I can't really call it a "storm" but when the rain pours down, I can rest assured my foot will not slip from the firm foundation of God as my fortress and refuge.

No matter how big or small life's circumstance may be that seems to be pouring down around you, you can trust that tears like rain may fall but the Son is just behind the clouds. Cling to the Rock. Whether tears of joy or pain, let them wash over you as a reminder that nothing is impossible with God. No weapon formed against you will prosper. No plan of His will be foiled. No day of yours will be shortened unless it is His will. And even without cause or justification, no tear that falls will go unnoticed by your Creator. He made you flesh and blood, full of emotions, and capable of tears.


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