All the Single Ladies

In the past week I've been approached or encountered by an unnamed number of women, all in different situations, but all facing some kind of heartache in their relationship or marriage. From breakups to betrayals to walking out and those blinded by lies they've been sold... I've walked through it ALL and I can't say it's any easier watching others face the same heartache.

I've witnessed women desperate for love subject themselves to companionship just for the sake of filling the emptiness. I've seen the insecurity eat away at confidence until women are so defeated they settle for anything less than God's very best. I've watched as rejection and scorn have broken, even hardened, hearts. I've heard the stories of innocence being corrupted because someone finally told them what they're longing to hear.

More and more, with each story and with each circumstance, I'm convinced the battle we face is not of this world. There is a very real and very imminent spiritual attack the Enemy is waging against us. All he needs is a chink in the armor - an insecurity, a rejection, a lie, a broken heart, a lonely night, an aching life... And you'd better believe he will find it. He'll aim right for it.

The very thing you think you are, or the very thing you fear you're not, is exactly where he will "meet your need." At least at first. It comes in a beautiful disguise of everything your heart desires. Masked by the false ability to fill a longing, this deception creeps in to infiltrate every feeling, taking captive every thought, holding hostage each desire.

On the flip side are the breaking hearts, begging God for a miracle. Seeking Sovereign intervention and praying for their hearts to be heard. They may be innocent victims. They may not have ever asked for this heartache, or this season of singleness. They may abhor it at their very core, but they may be completely out of control to do anything about it.

Believe me, I know you don't have to even be single to be alone. Sometimes that can be one of the most heartbreaking kinds of loneliness. Regardless of Miss, Mrs. or Ms., your heart may be concealing a heap of hurt that you aren't even letting onto. If you find yourself in any one of these situations, the only thing I know to share with you is a scripture that I clung to for years:

For your Maker is your husband-- the LORD Almighty is his name...
The LORD will call you back as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit-- a wife who married young, only to be rejected," says your God.
For a brief moment I abandoned you,
but with great compassion I will take you back.

Let me add a quick disclaimer. Some of you may have read the title and thought to dismiss this blog altogether. As I've said repeatedly, this blog is not "for" anyone. It's my own thoughts. Take them or leave them. They're usually my own experiences and always honest. Whatever state you find yourself in, married or not, happy or miserable, I encourage you to be on guard against the attacks of the Enemy. I plead with you to first and foremost seek The Lord. Even those of us born and raised in the church and baptized in the Word can be so easily led astray when it is our hearts leading us and not the wisdom from the foundation of God's Word at the helm.

You may be grappling with feelings of bitterness, betrayal, anger, even denial. You may be fighting depression and insecurity. You may be battling the reality of the place you find yourself in, but I pray you'll find comfort in God's Words, claiming Him as your husband, regardless of the title you already bear. Claim His promise to bring you back, regardless of how you ended up in this place. Let yourself feel the compassion He has on you, knowing your distress, seeing your loneliness, feeling your ache. The LORD Almighty is His name. NOTHING is impossible for Him. Whether this is just a season that will pass or a lifestyle you've accepted, it doesn't have to be a state of heart or mind. Just know there's someone who knows what you're feeling, facing and battling. Just know you're not alone, no matter how lonely you feel.


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