Yesterday I wrote what could be the enemy's notes about me. His tactics and schemes to attack and get me down. I promised you, though, not to stop there. While I wrote with vulnerability about my weaknesses, I must add the disclaimer to today's post. It's also vulnerable in the opposite direction. For fear this could come across prideful, I am almost reserved in writing this post more so than yesterday's. Yet I'm asking for this to be understood and heard from my heart.

To counteract the schemes of the devil, we must know the file our Lord keeps on each of us as well. As I explained, as Scripture tells us, this isn't a record of wrongs. Praise God, through the redemption of Jesus Christ, our confessed sins are cast as far as the east is from the west. They're forgiven, under the blood, washed clean, and we are made new. But in keeping with this idea of the file the enemy has to destroy us, I'd like to offer my thoughts on the file our Heavenly Father uses to encourage us. Here is what I believe His file would read of me.

FILE NAME: Carrie Lynn

SUMMARY: Help her see who she is in Me.

PROFILE: Amid her efforts to serve me, gently reminder her of my deep desire to have her enjoy My Presence. Allow her to receive sincere praise and encouragement to help her know the joy I have in her. Give her opportunities to share her contagious joy. The out-going personality I gave her should be shared and implemented to help others feel comfortable so they may sense My presence. 

Let her realize she doesn't have to fix or solve every problem or situation that I allow to come her way, but help her know to turn these things - and people - over to Me. Bless her with My glory. She prays for it all the time. Let her see and enjoy My works and creation and may they sink into her soul as My expression of love for her. Reveal who I am to her as she reads and studies My Word and give her an understanding of My goodness and grace. 

Help her not to be consumed with all she can't or isn't doing, but rather help her not to become distracted by the things that busy up her life. Give her attentive ears to hear My voice. When she discerns My will, she has the ability to encourage and lead others. Help her not to take My place, but rather help her point others to Me. Allow her the ability to rest in My Presence and to understand that being still is sometimes exactly where I want her.

When she gets discouraged, remind her who she is in Me. At the point she feels unworthy and unuseable, give her opportunities to serve so when she realizes it is not by her own strength, allow her to receive the blessing of My strength through her and be fully used by Me to bless others. Help her know her successes are by My hand and let her seek to gain My affection and not the approval of those around her. Let her feel My pride in her, My creation, and not worry about what anyone else thinks. May she not be so hard on herself that she gets discouraged, but rather that she surrenders her weakness, her fears, her anxiety, her guilt, and any looming thoughts that plague and paralyze so that I may be free to reign in her and work through her. 

SPECIAL NOTES: Her joy and spirit can be contagious when she is truly walking with and living a life surrendered to Me. Keep her balanced so she's constantly replenished by My strength, love, grace and goodness, to the point that these are over-flowing in her life. When she is around other believers, sharing in My presence, she will thrive and come alive.

Whether or not you took my encouragement yesterday to write what the enemy's file might look like about you, I encourage you today to think about what your loving Father's notes would read. These are far more important for you to know and understand. I pray you're encouraged at least to know you're not alone in the struggle we face. He knows your struggle. He knows your heart. He created your inmost being. His notes about you barely broach the subject of His love for you. In fact, I like to think across each of our file's is stamped in red the huge words: REDEEMED. Bought by blood, given the privilege to become His children. Overarching any notes that could be written about any of us, at the very least your file reads "HIS."


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