Your Love

I can't even come up with the words to describe the scene. It was the most beautiful full rainbow I've ever seen. If that weren't enough it's a double rainbow with the brightest, most brilliant colors. Behind it was a setting sun with exquisite light displays reflecting back upon the ROYGBIV hues. The presence of The Lord was so strong, overarching the entire scene.

We weren't alone when we stopped on the side of the road. Dozens of cars were pulling over, snapping pictures and staring in awe at the wonderment before us. 

Thank You, Lord. That's all I could find myself saying as tears welled in my eyes at the brilliant majesty He had put on display. 

I suddenly realized I had gotten out of the car so quickly to snap pictures that I'd left my door wide open. I could hear the song on the radio, so fitting for the scene I was soaking in. 

Your love never fails
It never gives up
It never runs out on me....
And on and on and on and on it goes
Yes, it overwhelms and satisfies my soul
And I never ever have to be afraid
This one thing remains...
Your love never fails...

Truly I was staring into the blessed message of my Lord's love, wondrously written in brilliant colors, telling of the endless love and promise He has for me as it scrawled out across the sky.  

My soul was overwhelmed to say the least. On and on and on it went, stretching across the sky in full display. I'd never seen a full rainbow before but here it was in vibrant message reminding me of His unfailing love. 

Just minutes before I'd hung up FaceTime with my boy. I blew him a kiss and told him I love him. He blew me one back. It will still be a few more days before I get to kiss his face. It's heartache like I've never known and it happens on repeat.

But I stood there on the side of the road soaking in the magnificence of the work of my Master knowing full well His love was big enough, long enough, deep enough to stretch across the expanse of the sky. To reach down to me and my aching heart, to stretch all the way to my son miles away. Close enough to be the embrace I felt from behind as the man I love whispered of God's promises as he choked back tears. Strong enough to conquer any fear. Fierce enough to tackle any battle. Higher than the heavens. Beyond what I could even see before me.

Your love, Oh Lord, is better than life! ( Psalm 63:3) 


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