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This Is Jesus

Above his head they placed the written charge against him: this is jesus, the king of the jews.
Matthew 27:37

His crime: Being King.

The sign was more of a mockery than a declaration.

There he hung. To the crowds who called for His crucifixion, He was an imposter. Yet the Messiah they had waited for and anticipated was right before them ... and they missed it. Jesus. The Savior. King of the Jews. Long-awaited Messiah. They missed Him.

The charge against Him was the very reason He came.

And just as Jesus asked Peter, "Who do you say I am?" (Mark 8:29), He's asking each of us.

Who do I say He is?

Who do you say He is?

Is He the Christ? Is He your Savior? He is Lord of your life?

Maybe to you He's an imposter. Maybe you think He's a fraud. Whether or not you've made His life and death personal to you, I can assure you, it is personal to Him.

This is Jesus. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Then being in very nature of our depraved and fallen flesh, He t…

Hello, Goodbye

I just deleted 2,017 emails out of my Inbox. I cleared another 8 folders with hundreds more archived emails. It feels good to get rid of the old/unused/no-longer-needed notes and messages I've kept over the years. It was also nostalgic to glance through a few and see how things have changed.

For the past 12 years I've come to the campus of Liberty University as my place of employment. In some capacity, I've occupied an office and a title, interacting with faculty and students, and making my very small mark on an ever-expanding campus that has its own global impact.

I've been here long enough to see former students become colleagues. Around every corner, I can look at various offices, classrooms and buildings and recall involvement in the planning, even the decorating. Now I'm packing up yet another office, only this time I'm not moving across campus. I put 8 yearbooks in a box. Six of which boast national awards. The last one given the highest honor in the cou…

Just as Jesus Said

"They left and found things just as Jesus had told them." Luke 22:13

The disciples were to prepare the Last Supper. But they didn't know how. They didn't know where. They didn't know with what means to do anything Jesus had asked. So He told them. And when they arrived, it was exactly as He had said. So they did as He said. He had provided the instructions and even the means by which they would fulfill His command. All they had to do was trust what He said and go and do it.

This story has hit me profoundly today. Just as Jesus said. Just as He told them. It had come true. It was prophecy fulfilled. Promises revealed. Faith in action. Truth in His words. Just as He said.

How often have I heard His word, yet when it happens I somehow end up in disbelief?

Moreover how often am I waiting for His instruction and feel as though He's just not speaking?

If I would but listen, wait and trust, would He not tell me? If I would believe in faith would It not be just as…

Greater Yes

I'd been hanging out in the hallway, living in transition, waiting for my next step. And then I started to see God move. On the left side, then the right. Around every turn, it has seemed He was flinging open the doors. WIDE open. The truth is, it's been somewhat mind blowing, and happening so quickly that I've barely caught my breath from the whirlwind. It has seemed the storehouse has been opened and all I could do is stand back and let Him move.

Make no mistake; prayers have been offered up, regular and repeated requests and petitions, and very specifically He has answered. And up until this point, His answers have been in the affirmative.

Until now.

It's problematic to me that as a Christian I fall prey to the belief that God simply can't keep blessing. Surely He doesn't just answer yes and give me everything I've asked for. Right?! But why am I led down a path of thinking that God is somehow disappointing me or not rewarding me? Maybe I go as far as b…

Second Stories

We enjoyed spring teasing us with 70 degrees on Saturday...only to be followed by two days of cold rain. One very disappointed little boy said sadly from the backseat, "It's pouwing down wain again...I'm never gonna get to pway outside." So it was off to Kid's Cove to cure the rainy-day-blues.

I can understand the confusion - there's a giant Whale AND an Ark - but E kept referring to it as "Jonah's Ark." I questioned him at home to make sure he knew the two different stories. "Yes, but mom...this is a second story I made up called Jonah's Ark." Okay. At least I knew he knew the difference.

A second story. A second chance. A God whose loving kindness is better than life itself. A gift of grace, mercy and redemption to never leave us or be finished with us. It caused me to look deeper into Jonah's story.

From inside the fish, having disobeyed God and now sitting in the pit of consequences he'd found himself in, Jonah cries o…

Old Pants

It was a typical morning. I was trying to get clothes for me and E, finish getting us both ready, pack lunches...and eventually head out the door.

"Mom, look what I made." I was distracted by his world of make believe. Without looking, I grabbed a pair of brown pants off their hanger.

I attempted to zip up my dress pants only to be stopped in my tracks when I realized that simply wasn't happening.

"What in the world..." I was asking myself as I grasped tightly to the hook-and-eyes and made an effort to close them. Realizing there was no hope of that happening either, I started to panic.

It was a tug on this side, a pull on that one, and I was now sucking in my stomach and holding my breath. Nothing. It was now apparent there was absolutely NO WAY these pants were going to be zipped and fastened...and I was about to have a meltdown.

I could feel myself getting hot, wondering how on earth I had gained that much weight.

Let's just say that at 34 years old an…

In Season

We woke to a beautiful snowfall covering everything. I usually think of March as the onset of spring - especially since the early Easter date this year has the stores in full bloom expecting spring soon. But the snow was a reminder winter still holds its place on the calendar. It was a wonderful day enjoying cuddle time inside - E finally got his long-awaited "jammie day" - and some playtime outside.

I was dragging him in the sled around the yard and getting ready to send him off down the hill again when I noticed the most pecurliar sight. Beneath the snow and slush, the tips of yellow and white daffodils were peeking through.
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

It was a beautiful image of winter not yet having its fill, with spring just waiting in anticipation for its moment to bloom. I was captivated by the thought. Even in the "in between" there is a season for everything.

With winter reminding sprin…

March Madness

Good morning, March! I greet you today with joy. It's a new day, a new month, new opportunities on the horizon, new beginnings that await. It's going to be a VERY busy month. Not like February was much different. But here we go...

As I reflect on another February come and gone, another birthday celebrated and lots of memories made, I'm reminded how God's plan is not always my plan. I started the month knowing I would be packing and moving. I spent the first week doing just that. Then packing and moving some more - only in the middle of the move, my plan changed. "Okay, God. What's plan B? I'm going to have to let You figure this one out."

He never left me hanging. Although I admit what has followed has been a swarm of chaos, I am holding fast to His steady grip that has never let go of me.

With that behind me, and new opportunities ahead, I'm staring March down with intensity, looking at the calendar and thinking I can't possibly squeeze any…