In Season

We woke to a beautiful snowfall covering everything. I usually think of March as the onset of spring - especially since the early Easter date this year has the stores in full bloom expecting spring soon. But the snow was a reminder winter still holds its place on the calendar. It was a wonderful day enjoying cuddle time inside - E finally got his long-awaited "jammie day" - and some playtime outside.

I was dragging him in the sled around the yard and getting ready to send him off down the hill again when I noticed the most pecurliar sight. Beneath the snow and slush, the tips of yellow and white daffodils were peeking through.
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

It was a beautiful image of winter not yet having its fill, with spring just waiting in anticipation for its moment to bloom. I was captivated by the thought. Even in the "in between" there is a season for everything.

With winter reminding spring, "Not just yet..." I'm reminded of how often I try to bloom before its my time. I've got to learn to be "in season" - present in the time and circumstance God has planted me. Not "in between." There is waiting on Him; to prepare the ground and the elements around me so that in the proper time I can bloom. But wherever He has me is right where He wants me - for that time and place, in that season. In the season He has me in, I am in season.


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