Just as Jesus Said

"They left and found things just as Jesus had told them." Luke 22:13

The disciples were to prepare the Last Supper. But they didn't know how. They didn't know where. They didn't know with what means to do anything Jesus had asked. So He told them. And when they arrived, it was exactly as He had said. So they did as He said. He had provided the instructions and even the means by which they would fulfill His command. All they had to do was trust what He said and go and do it.

This story has hit me profoundly today. Just as Jesus said. Just as He told them. It had come true. It was prophecy fulfilled. Promises revealed. Faith in action. Truth in His words. Just as He said.

How often have I heard His word, yet when it happens I somehow end up in disbelief?

Moreover how often am I waiting for His instruction and feel as though He's just not speaking?

If I would but listen, wait and trust, would He not tell me? If I would believe in faith would It not be just as He said?

I wouldn't need to be shocked at the fact that His word has come true, or that His promises revealed will be fulfilled.

When I'm sitting in the waiting room and not sure of the next step, He only asks me to trust that He is who He says He is. And He can do what He says He can do.

When I can't make sense of things, I need to remember He already has a plan. He will choose how and when and even how much He reveals to me. My response is to trust that whatever He trusts me with, He will provide a way, the means, the preparations. And when I arrive, it will be exactly as He said.


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