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If you've read any of my ramblings, you're guaranteed to find scripture, worship songs, experiences I tend to relate back to my life as a Christian. It's infiltrated into every aspect of my who I am. I don't think it comes as any surprise where I stand in my faith.

It should not be a secret that I am committed to my relationship with the Lord. I profess Christ as my Savior. I believe the Bible is God's infallible Word of instruction and encouragement to us in our daily faith walk. So often I relate everyday experiences back to what I know God is challenging me to do or learn. In most of my writings I incorporate scripture or devotionals to further offer encouragement and guidance. Never had it donned on me that someone reading might not accept what I share as truth, God's truth.

We finally saw the movie God's Not Dead last night. I cannot give it a high enough review. I can't stop thinking about it! It has so challenged me and deepened my faith. If you …

Limitless Trust

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

It's one of those moments when a song I've heard a hundred times, one that is almost "too familiar," strikes a chord deep within my soul. I cannot get the lyrics out of my head, even more, I do not want to stop the grip they hold on my heart. This was the moment when those words caused me to stop and call to question every motive, every prayer, every desire. This was the point where I was looking into the mirror with hopeful gaze expecting to see faith and strength and surrender yet being faced with the reflection of fear, doubt and uncertainty. 

I pray for God's will. I seek it. I say I want it. But the reality is my flesh desires only the part of His will that fits within the confines of my box. Big enough for the faith I have, nothing more. Certainly I desi…

Cherish These Moments

It was a moment I will cherish. My boy was tired. Much too tired to wake up. But we had a schedule for the first in five days and I was forced to drag him out of bed. That meant that my oh-so-tired and not much of a morning person was willing for me to offer him help out of bed. Before I knew it, we were cuddled on the couch and there I sat, cradling my not-so-little boy in my arms. He snuggled into me as I stroked his hair and I was taken back to 6 years ago when I nestled a tiny bundle in my arms.
"Mommy used to rock you like this every single night while I fed you your bottle and sang you to sleep."
"What did you sing?" he asked.
I began to sing Jesus Loves Me just as I had so many nights a few years ago. He didn't move a muscle and let me sway with each note.
"Mommy used to say scriptures over you after I sang to you."
"What are scriptures?" he was inquisitive.
"Bible verses. Like Psalm 23..." and I quoted the verses over him, prayin…

Foot Washing

Remember that paw-washing experience I gave the other day when I cleaned each and every one of my Baxter's muddy paws so he would be allowed back in the house? Yesterday I came down the stairs to the scene above. 
"Elijah, what are you doing?!" I asked as I saw him licking his finger with his tongue then scrubbing the licked finger across each pad of the dog's paws. Yes, each pad. He was repeatedly sticking his finger BACK IN HIS MOUTH then hitting a new puppy paw pad. 
"I'm washing his feet!" he proudly exclaimed.
How could I be mad?! I could most certainly be grossed out but I couldn't yell at him. He wasn't following in my example, he was following in Christ's. This tender hearted little boy wanted to make sure his four-legged friend wouldn't be separated from the family along with the fact that he was conscientious enough to know that mom didn't want her floors muddy. (Sidenote: the dog wasn't actually muddy - this time - but do…

Digging in the Dirt

He's a dog. Sortof. Some might observe his behavior and note similarities to a Tasmanian Devil. One minute he's calm, gentle, loving and relaxed. The next ... be prepared for anything. His energy is combustible and you never know what might get broken or destroyed in the middle of an outburst.

He has two identified weaknesses: dirt and paper. Do not leave a shred of paper around or it will instantaneously become, well...shreds. Napkins, bills, toilet paper right off the roll - it makes no difference, as long as it's some type of paper substance. Never mind the fact that it was a receipt you need to return something to the store. It seems to taste even better if it is, in fact, homework or a bill with attached envelope. (You think the "dog ate my homework" excuse is ridiculous?! Try being the mom sending your Kindergartner's teacher that excuse. No, really.)

Then there's dirt. Virginia red clay, actually, because that's what have here in our "neck …

What's Your Story?

I have a story. It's my story. It includes others but it's not their own. I'm a part of other people's stories but their story is not mine.

I cannot change my story. That means the past is a part of me. What has happened, what I've done, what has become of me and my life, my failures and dreams, it's all part of who I am. Some experiences, more than others, have shaped my story. Some have written new chapters. Some have ended others. For all the good, the bad, and yes, there has most certainly has been the ugly, it's still my story.

It's tempting to look back on things with regret or remorse but I don't get do-overs. If I learn to look back at these instances and see them through God's grace, I begin to realize that my life tells the story of who He is and how He is working it out for my good. He doesn't necessarily cause the struggle but He can use it. The struggles are no less than part of my story.

I've heard it said that the degree t…

Father's Day

On this Father's Day, I have so much to be thankful for. My childhood memories of me and my dad include times of laughter and fun. As I've gotten older and now even work alongside my dad in the same business, I realize how similar our out-going, fun-loving personalities are. I didn't know this to be true as a child. Although growing up, everyone would say I undeniably looked like my dad. 

My dad used to always look at the freckles on my face and say, "Can I grab a pen and connect the dots?" You might think this is cruel but it didn't hurt my feelings. I would of course give him the whiney "Daaaaad, noooooo" response and inevitably we'd both end up in laughter. 
Dad knew I had a ticklish spot right on my knee so almost every time I was in the front seat (and let's be honest, I was the oldest so I got that right most of the time), he'd get his "claw" ready to attack that ticklish knee without warning and I'd squeal like a girl …

The Last Day of Kindergarten

Friday was the last day of Kindergarten. He made it. I made it. Sigh...

It doesn't feel like almost 10 months passed since I was freaking out and having my helicopter mom moment. The year has brought its share of challenges. It's also brought growth and change. 
Kindergarten hasn't been easy. There have been trips to the principal's office, meetings with the guidance counselor, notes home, parent/teacher conferences... Let's just say it's been and adjustment to personalities and behaviors and expectations of the classroom. 
There have also been accomplishments, like being able to read. It still amazes me to be able to listen to him read something and see the wonder on his face as he takes pride in himself and the world he's discovering. There's been recognition of a most creative and intuitive little boy, "too smart for his own good," some have remarked. Maybe... There have been memories and friendships made. Kindergarten is the first milestone i…

A Post On Parenthood

Saturday, May 31st, was the most perfect of "Gotcha Days." For the first time, Eli was truly aware of the day and its meaning. His adoption has been openly talked about from the beginning so it doesn't come as a surprise to him, but this year he was excited to celebrate and tell others that it was the day he was adopted and understand what that means. Watching the joy on his face as he shared was something truly remarkable. It was one of those proud parent moments for sure.

The day was beautiful. We enjoyed several outings but the true blessing was the "million flowers I (Eli) picked to show you how much I love you." He made trip after trip into the house with fist-fulls of flowers. Vase after vase began to fill as I tried to find a place for all of them. He was so proud of his pickings and I could not have appreciated the expression more. It was a glorious day of celebrating him, his life and what he means to us. It was also such a delight to enjoy his obedie…