Foot Washing

Remember that paw-washing experience I gave the other day when I cleaned each and every one of my Baxter's muddy paws so he would be allowed back in the house? Yesterday I came down the stairs to the scene above. 

"Elijah, what are you doing?!" I asked as I saw him licking his finger with his tongue then scrubbing the licked finger across each pad of the dog's paws. Yes, each pad. He was repeatedly sticking his finger BACK IN HIS MOUTH then hitting a new puppy paw pad. 

"I'm washing his feet!" he proudly exclaimed.

How could I be mad?! I could most certainly be grossed out but I couldn't yell at him. He wasn't following in my example, he was following in Christ's. This tender hearted little boy wanted to make sure his four-legged friend wouldn't be separated from the family along with the fact that he was conscientious enough to know that mom didn't want her floors muddy. (Sidenote: the dog wasn't actually muddy - this time - but does it really matter?!)

Last night I sat while my own feet were washed, massaged, manicured and perfectly painted. Oh yes, the ultimate pedicure. It was no quiet moment of solitude, though, as ladies from all walks of life gathered as friends, some who had never met, and we had a ladies' spa night together. 

What was so amazing was that while my own feet were being cleansed of all the rough spots, I was witnessing God use stories and testimonies of miracles and His own hand at work to share with others who are in the midst of wondering how God is going to work out their own situation. What happened was nothing short of a God-ordained appointment during a simple ladies' spa night. He so perfectly orchestrated the circumstances of lives to now come together to be an encouragement and example. The beautiful mess He can make out of any tragedy is no less than a miracle, but to have a front row seat to watch His handiwork is simply breath-taking! That's what I had the privilege of sharing in.

"I personally brought you out of the darkness into My Light - so that you might proclaim My praises. This is a delightful privilege and responsibility. I have entrusted you with the task of telling others about My awesome qualities... The Joy of My Presence will shine from your face as you tell others about Me." Jesus Today

It's not just an honor, it's a privilege and responsibility. To have known and experienced the redemption of His hand orchestrating the jumbled up mess into a beautiful symphony becomes my lifesong. Why do I write these silly blogs? Why do I pour my heart out? Like I've always said, my blogs are my own. They're a way for me to process my own thoughts and feelings, the lessons He's teaching me. Yet I also admit that these blogs are to proclaim His praises. These writings are my way of carrying out the responsibility of telling others about Him and Who He is and how He can and WILL work in your life. 

He is my delight and I can't help but write about Him. He's graciously sat at my feet and washed away every spot, removed every callous, smoothed away every patch of dirt and dryness. How can I not sing His praises?! My hope and prayer is that the Joy of His Presence will shine from my face as I share.


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