This is one of my most favorite weekends of the entire year! Oh yes, there's always a fun countdown to my February Birthday and it goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoy all the festivities of the Christmas season. But I cannot deny my love for what has become such a sacred and blessed weekend to me.

Tomorrow is Elijah's 7th birthday and Sunday is Mother's Day. It always falls on or around the holiday that he gave me the most treasured gift of all, becoming a mother. This year his birthday falls on the day that is known as Birthmother's Day. I would be remiss not to give thanks to his birthmom for the gift of life and this gift of love she's given. I tend to get sentimental as I recall how many previous Mother's Days I wasn't able to celebrate. I remember vividly the journey that led to his adoption. I wear the title of mother along with the memories and altars I've built to never forget the many different emotions and experiences that brought me here.

This month of May is a treasure for so many reasons. Originally I thought we'd be welcoming another baby into our family this month so I cannot forget to mention our angel that never made it to this earth. And yet I'm also well aware of the way God works things out for our good even as I see my growing belly that is carrying our miracle.

May is also the month we celebrate Elijah's "Gotcha Day" - the day he was first placed in my arms at just 3 1/2 weeks old. I cannot forget the plaque I bought and hung long before I ever held the title "mother." It simply stated, "However motherhood comes, it's a miracle." There could not be any truer words. I am always sensitive of the ones who are still without that title, still with empty arms, still with burdened hearts full of desires yet to be fulfilled. Hold on, dear one. Hold on. He hasn't left you, nor forsaken you.

It's also a special time for me to be evermore aware of the great presence and strength my own mother has played in my life. She bears many admonishments, wears so many hats, but none could be truer than the well-deserved title she wears. She is the epitome of the biblical example of a godly woman whose children rise up and called her blessed. Truly we do, mom.

It's a time of celebration. It's a time of remembering. It's a time to recall the journeys, the memories, the tears and the faithfulness of God in ALL things. I wear the title of mom, adoptive mom, expecting mom, daughter and wife, among others. This isn't about labels - it's about the moments in life that bear meaning and the titles attached to them to serve as reminders of the blessedness of Almighty God at work. Whatever titles you wear, your life bears witness. You represent a masterpiece of divine creation.

I bear witness of His perfect plan at work in my life even when I didn't understand, calling me to become a mother, blessing me with my boy and giving us the miracle of this child that I now carry. The most blessed title I could ever bear is simply being called His.


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