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To The Ends of the Earth

I get it. The issues are controversial. The conversations divisive. I found myself in a keyboard war on Twitter wondering where all these outspoken Christians have been for the last 8 years. Did we just awake from our coma only to realize things haven't gone according to plan? We're ready to fight to the death for the rights of lives that somehow weren't oppressed until last week...or were they? I hear you. "Be the hands and feet of Christ. Faith without works is dead. Jesus wants us to care for the widows and orphans." Indeed!! I know the scriptures well and I agree with these biblical truths we should employ as we seek to serve and share the Gospel. 
Yet I find myself conflicted. Understand I won't be protesting the President or proclaiming his praises. At least not in this blog. I'm simply coming to you and asking where you've been for the last 8 years. Why have we stepped forward now ready to battle? It's as if we somehow fear our Christian rig…

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things. The simplest of details that no one else would know or recognize, yet I know. More importantly, it reminds me that He knows. There's been way too many happenings in the past few weeks for me to dismiss it as mere happenstance, so I'm coming here today to give credit where credit is due.

It's the little things. The details of our lives. The stuff that means nothing to anyone but us and because it became one of the things that God chose to pinpoint in my life it ultimately results in something monumental.

It's the little things that lead me to stop and stand in awe of the God of the universe who cares enough to deal with the mundane of my day to day. It's the things that speak volumes to me when I feel like my voice is but a clanging cymbal among a thousand beating drums, realizing He heard me among the crowd.

It's often these very nit-picky things that drive us crazy. The things that gnaw at our patience or chip away at the ve…

Real Life

I have severely neglected this little blog of mine. I've always said it's for me to capture my thoughts and if someone wants to share in that then I'm happy to bring you along for the ride. It's a crazy one, though, and I decided to make today's post an ode to that specifically.

Halfway into the new month and I admit it's thrown me for a loop. It started out somber, celebrating the life of our beloved Poppy and now trying to figure out how to do life without him. We came home to snow - 8 inches to be exact - and the kids have been out of school for days. We're in the middle of a four-day holiday weekend so at this point we have yet to establish our new year routine.

We enjoyed snow cream and coloring in the snow with "snow markers." Eli had cousin time and Nana time along with plenty of hot chocolate. But if I'm being honest, we didn't spend much time outside nor did we fill our snow days with activity and mind-provoking projects. I admit …

Hello 2017

I didn't watch the ball drop. I didn't see the disastrous performance everyone's talking about today. I didn't stay up and kiss my sweetheart (he was sound asleep an hour before me) and I didn't make any resolutions. The celebration of New Year's Eve has never been a big deal for me. I've usually spent it with family, maybe a few friends, there's a low-key dinner, sparkling cider, games, and it's been rare if we all stay together for the ball dropping. The only true NYE tradition I have is reflecting on the previous year and planning for the new one to come.

For me, New Year's isn't about a celebration of a date on a calendar. It takes on such different meaning when I ask myself what is it the Lord has for me this year. Did I accomplish what He wanted from me this past year? Have I lived my life fully for Him and His glory? What is His plan and will for me as I face a new year? 
2017 is no different. I've spent a lot of time the last two…