To The Ends of the Earth

I get it. The issues are controversial. The conversations divisive. I found myself in a keyboard war on Twitter wondering where all these outspoken Christians have been for the last 8 years. Did we just awake from our coma only to realize things haven't gone according to plan? We're ready to fight to the death for the rights of lives that somehow weren't oppressed until last week...or were they? I hear you. "Be the hands and feet of Christ. Faith without works is dead. Jesus wants us to care for the widows and orphans." Indeed!! I know the scriptures well and I agree with these biblical truths we should employ as we seek to serve and share the Gospel. 

Yet I find myself conflicted. Understand I won't be protesting the President or proclaiming his praises. At least not in this blog. I'm simply coming to you and asking where you've been for the last 8 years. Why have we stepped forward now ready to battle? It's as if we somehow fear our Christian rights will be oppressed. Haven't we already been living through that?? Where were these opposing forces when so many of our Christian views were being squealched and held as offensive if we dare speak? 

We're taking on each other as if we're somehow enemies, becoming busy and distracted by things that seemingly don't align with our faith. Yet all the while neglecting the real Enemy who seeks to devour and destroy. He's eating us alive with the disdain and disrespect we have for one another. Never mind those who disagree with our beliefs. We're too caught up with the war of words among ourselves to realize we're engaged in the wrong battle. 

Hear me, please. My heart literally breaks at the countless tear-stained faces searching for shelter and refuge. The war-torn countries, the lands devastated by catastrophic events, surely we have room for them. Surely the abundance I live in could be spread among dozens to help. How can I help??? It becomes the heart cry of each one of us seeking to be His hands and feet. The practicality of the answer isn't so simple. It's not just one or a few dozen. It's thousands. Maybe millions. Plus the one billion citizens governed by a single democracy with nearly countless differing views. And we're expecting one man to make the right decision for the masses and we're infuriated if we don't agree. Surely only One can be the answer anyway. 

Help us, Lord. Forgive us for hurting one another but please God, have mercy on us for hurting You. Oh how Your heart must be grieved by our bellyaching. The self-righteous views we hold that my view is somehow better. Teach us how to show Your love and mercy. Show us the way, Lord, not just to You but how to lead the lost to You. 

I know we won't all agree. The truth is I'm not sure we really know what the truth should be on these matters. But I know the One Truth we shouldn't be arguing. So let me leave this here. I don't know why some are born into the land of the free and others are enslaved. I know we can just as easily be held captive by the chains of sin and selective hearing when we refuse to listen to the heart cry of our Heavenly Father. He desires for no one to perish. Lest we forget He died for all. Let us seek to proclaim this Truth to the ends of the earth. 


  1. Thank you for writing this. I appreciate your words. I feel that I don't always have the answers to these though questions either, but I desperately want to know Jesus more. Know that you are not alone in your thinking. Emily from Houston


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