I've kept a journal since I was in high school. We won't talk about how long ago that was, but let's just say there's already been one formal reunion.

The blog you now read isn't meant for anyone. It's mine. My private thoughts. My talks with God. My discoveries of life. My lessons and experiences; my joy, my pain.

So why would I put it online for all the world to see? This is who I am. Wired for sound; amped up on life; bringing people along my journey in the process. More than that, it is who God made me to be. It's not about the attention. It's not for feedback and affirmation. It's because I'm real. It's because I experience hurts and disappointments. It's because I feel excitement and happiness. And through it ALL, I know that God is in it. Through all of the "life" that I've experienced, and in what I choose to share, I am hoping that you can experience HIM.

This blog exists because as long as I exist I answered the call to bring Him glory. Because his love is better than life itself, in all I do I seek to glorify Him.


  1. Carrie,
    I think God wants us to share with others what is happening in our lives. I don't want to waste any experiences by keeping quiet. If something I have gone through can help change someone's life-then it's worth it. Just said a prayer for you!
    Paula Cook


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