Shew fly!

Most days I enjoy a quiet and uneventful ride to work. The view begins to get better and better this time of year, as I venture down Candler's Mountain and watch the foliage be touched by fall's colorful changes. It is these quiet moments where I talk openly to God about my day. I love these intimate talks. I love that I can chat with Him like He's sitting in the passenger seat with me (after all, He is, isn't He?!). Some days I sing a song of praise to Him and some days I drive in silence trying to focus my mind for the upcoming day.

On this particular day I wasn't in a hurry and had a full 10 minutes of "extra" time. I was feeling good and ready to face the day and so my prayer time began...

"Thank you, Lord, for another day. Your blessings to me are beyond what I deserve. I am so grateful to You for..." BUZZ

Huh? I was in the middle of my thanksgiving to God when I was rudely interrupted.

BUZZZZZZ ... Ssssss... Hssssss.....Bzzzzzzzzz

My heartfelt prayer came to a crashing halt because of the fly now swarming my head. Surely my new Bath & Body Works scent must have been a favorite because the insect continued to land on my lotioned arms.

Swat! Swap! Shew! Shoooooo!

If you could have seen the sight - one arm frantically swatting at the fly, the other arm trying to maintain control of the wheel and the car. Eyes on the road, eyes on the fly, eyes on the road, eyes on the - where'd it go?! I hear it but I can't see...SWOOP! Ahh...I missed again!

It must have realized the imminent danger it faced, having so rudely intruded on my private conversation with the Lord. So it quickly flew out of reach and remained at the windshield. I could see the struggle ensue - swarming, flying, frantic - over and over flying into the glass, pounding its body against the see-through pane. No longer annoyed, I felt sorry for the little guy and decided to roll down my driver-side window - enough for the fly to have plenty of room to escape but not too much that it would ruin my freshly washed and styled hair (I simply wasn't going to let it ruin THAT too)!

Over and over it flew into the windshield. I started to talk to it, much like I talk to God, only it wasn't listening or understanding, "The window is open over here! Fly away. Be free..." No luck. I reached to swoop it toward the escape route but it was too far inside the dash and my arm wasn't long enough.

You know where this is going. Me in my feeble attempts to get to the "freedom" on the other side of the glass - I can see it, feel it, nearly taste it, but I just MISS the ROUTE in which I should take. I remain trapped - a prison by my own idiotic and futile defeat. I refuse to look around or see the help that's there. I say a quick prayer and, like the dumb fly, I repeat my blunder over and over - pounding myself into the "wall" of my circumstance only to end up with the same result.

My prayer ended differently today. Thank you, Lord, for the fly who taught me a lesson!


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