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Green Paw

Four green paws in a row. And then it happened. Friday rolled around and the folder sent home bore a yellow paw print with a note from the teacher. Apparently, this mind-of-his-own four-year-old did what he wanted to and not what he was told. The box was checked indicating improvement in the areas of listening and following instructions. The note said the teacher had counted to 3 but he "didn't want to" do as she asked.

I asked him about the yellow paw incident, to which he responded, "I don't want to tell you." You're 4, not 14. You're too young to clam up!

I don't really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do what I hate. Romans 7:15

Anyone else found yourself confused by your own actions? Dumbfounded by your choices? Bewildered by what you do, despite not wanting to do it?! You find yourself buried underneath catastrophic decisions even though you knew better.

I dare say I've found myself …

The First REAL Day of School

Remember last week when I was adamently opposed to the onset of fall? Come on, Carrie. You studied counseling. You know there's always a deeper issue lurking underneath. It wasn't about the new season bringing cooler temperatures and changing leaves. No, what this was about was a different kind of season. A change in life. One that I have anticipated, prayed over, researched, discussed, and prayed over some more. One that I have been excited and nervous about all at the same time. And here we are.

While the first day of Pre-K was yesterday, it was just a half day. But today - oh yes, today - is the first full day of school.
It was an earlier waking time for everyone today... But I was ready. Lunches were packed last night. Coffee was ready for me to hit the on-switch. Chocolate milk and breakfast was already prepared. His backpack was packed and my bag was ready to go, too. In those quiet moments after I was ready and before he needed to be up, I sat down to pray. But before …

First Day of Pre-K

Today, August 20, 2012, marks a milestone in the life of my son. As a working mom, I've had to adjust to having Elijah in full-time care. The first two years he was blessed to have an at-home nanny, and he's had the world's best babysitter for the last two years. But today is different. Today was the first day of Pre-Kindergarten. This is the first day of the beginning of his education. Not that he hasn't been learning from his family, friends, church, and other care providers. But today he began an all-day, five-day pre-Kindergarten program. He's lucky to be right next door to "Mrs. Donaruma" (one of Campbell County's BEST Kindergarten teachers) and also known to him as "Aunt Lindsay." She assured me he did well on his first day, just as the teacher said, but more on that later.
He's been prepping for weeks now. We shopped for his Lightning McQueen backpack, lunchbox and matching thermos. He got new school clothes and tennis shoes. H…


Lonely but never alone.
Abused but not abandoned.
Broken but not useless.
Bruised but not paralyzed.
Wounded but not perishing.
Defeated but not destroyed. 

He knows your pain. He knows the hurt inside. He sees every tear. He holds your broken heart. He offers hope and peace when you feel nothing but helpless. He lifts you up when you're too weak to stand. He carries you when you can't go any further.

Whatever ashes, He takes them and turns them into beauty. You may only see a sooty mess, but He sees what has yet to be created.


A father to the fatherless
A healer of the brokeness, you make
Beauty from the ashes

A helper to the helpless
A fighter for the hopeless, you love
Those who are alone

Those who are alone 

So Long Summer

I got in my car at 7:30 a.m. and the thermostat read 63 degrees. It's barely mid-August and already there's a 20 degree drop in the usual 80-degree heatwave of summer. This dip in temperature, the darker mornings, and the cooler evenings are signs of the inevitable change of seasons. Where has summer gone?

I keep seeing friends post with anticipation as they look forward to the beginning of fall. NO! My spirit is rebelling against this warm embrace of crisp air and autumn breezes. Why?! I usually love the change of seasons. I usually welcome all fall brings: the start of school, pumpkin-flavored-everything, changing leaves, golden sunrises, cooler temperatures, and the approaching holiday season... So why am I clinging to the lazy days of summer with a death grip?!

Surely the heat and humidity, standing outside sweating with no exertion of energy, and the frizziness of my hair are all reasons to bid this season farewell. And yet I'm just not ready!

Some have remarked the…

The Beach

Hello blog! I took time off because of vacation and being sick. I'm still dealing with this 'crud' that seems to want to stick around. Oh how I wish vacation could have been what lingered...

It was more than just a blog hiatus - I had a broken cell phone and was supplied with a loaner that I had no idea how to operate. I didn't load my social media apps or all of my email accounts and I thoroughly enjoyed the break from all social media.

Back to reality and as usual I am thrust into a world of spinning wheels and juggling acts that never stopped while I was gone and out of touch. This is always how it works. It just takes that initial jolt to bring you back to the world you left behind.

Even now I'm staring at photos of us on the beach and wishing for the sound of the waves and soothing breeze that seemed to drown any thought or care I might have left at home. I realize that's not the world I live in so I focus back on the half dozen apps I have opened on m…