The Beach

Hello blog! I took time off because of vacation and being sick. I'm still dealing with this 'crud' that seems to want to stick around. Oh how I wish vacation could have been what lingered...

It was more than just a blog hiatus - I had a broken cell phone and was supplied with a loaner that I had no idea how to operate. I didn't load my social media apps or all of my email accounts and I thoroughly enjoyed the break from all social media.

Back to reality and as usual I am thrust into a world of spinning wheels and juggling acts that never stopped while I was gone and out of touch. This is always how it works. It just takes that initial jolt to bring you back to the world you left behind.

Even now I'm staring at photos of us on the beach and wishing for the sound of the waves and soothing breeze that seemed to drown any thought or care I might have left at home. I realize that's not the world I live in so I focus back on the half dozen apps I have opened on my desktop that all demand my attention.

I need to be honest about something. It wasn't just the sand in my toes and the ocean waves rolling across my feet. It was the complete mental, physical, and emotional break. Even external factors and outside distractions were left behind. Albeit temporary, I was able to just relax.

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. ~ Psalm 62:5

It is good to rest. It is good to be still. It is good to be quiet. (Granted, 5 kids ages 6 and under plus 3 adults in a small beach house wasn't really all that quiet...) It's also good to take a break.

This was the first year E loved the ocean. He's always loved the sand, and he spent plenty of time with his plastic army men buried on the beach, but this year he begged to go in the water. As if all his fears were swept away with the waves, he headed toward the sea and was ready to plunge in. He looked away for a split second but that was all it took for a wave to catch him off guard and knock him to his knees. I reached to grab him and stand him up again. I thought for sure he'd want out of the water but he wished to remain - only now he wanted me to hold him.

He wasn't scared but he preferred that I go in deep in enough so his feet and legs could get hit by the crashing waves. Hearing him laugh and giggle in my ear as I held him close might have been the most peaceful and relaxing moment all week.

Even as I get back into the swing of things and the demands of life, I admit to having already reached a point where I thought the waves were knocking me to my knees. I've felt a little blown and tossed by the sea, and yet I'm reminded of one of my favorite passages in Isaiah 43 where He promises not to let the water sweep over me. The fire won't burn me. He's promised to be with me. And not only is He with me, but He's holding onto me. The waves might hit my legs and they may be thrashing around me, but He's not going to let me be overtaken by that which swirls around me.

I'm thankful for rest. I'm thankful for broken cell phones and neglected blogs. I'm thankful for sand in my toes. I'm thankful for waves. I'm thankful for arms strong enough to hold. I'm thankful for peace in the midst of chaos. I'm ready to pack my bag again!


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