So Long Summer

I got in my car at 7:30 a.m. and the thermostat read 63 degrees. It's barely mid-August and already there's a 20 degree drop in the usual 80-degree heatwave of summer. This dip in temperature, the darker mornings, and the cooler evenings are signs of the inevitable change of seasons. Where has summer gone?

I keep seeing friends post with anticipation as they look forward to the beginning of fall. NO! My spirit is rebelling against this warm embrace of crisp air and autumn breezes. Why?! I usually love the change of seasons. I usually welcome all fall brings: the start of school, pumpkin-flavored-everything, changing leaves, golden sunrises, cooler temperatures, and the approaching holiday season... So why am I clinging to the lazy days of summer with a death grip?!

Surely the heat and humidity, standing outside sweating with no exertion of energy, and the frizziness of my hair are all reasons to bid this season farewell. And yet I'm just not ready!

Some have remarked the fall and start of school brings order to a less-than-scheduled summer season. Some have mentioned the beauty in nature this time of year brings. Others are counting down the days to the first kickoff. I get it. I truly do. But for me in this season right now, I'm just not quite filled with the same enthusiasm as things begin to change.

I don't like the darkness when my alarm goes off. I want to be greeted by the sunlight. As much as I love sunsets, I don't want them to come earlier in the evenings. My tan is fading which won't matter much when I retire my sundresses and tank tops. Even though I did make sure to stock up on my sunless tanning spray! Do I really think I can hold off fall if I maintain a fake sun-kissed glow?!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..." ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

This too shall pass, right?! That includes summer. There's new activity beginning. School. Changing leaves. Golden skies. Cooler temperatures. It's time... well, almost.


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