A Good Reminder

Sometimes I let little things bother me way more than I should. A lack of patience. Too quick to react. Often not demonstrating kindness, goodness and gentleness. I could actually be accused of a noticeable absence of all of the above. admit yet another character flaw that requires me to stare long and hard in the mirror and make some changes. 

It wasn't one particular thing that really got under my skin last night. It was a combination of a few little things that irked me. I had this sudden urge to post my complaint and tell my Facebook friends all about the downfall of my evening. But why?! Were their "likes" going to cheer me up? Would some sympathy comments help change my attitude?? 

I will credit the nudging of the Holy Spirit stopping me before I even got started. Thank You, Lord! I typed a different message instead, encouraging my friends to share words of encouragement and positive messages. I'm so glad they did!!!

More than 30 comments, praises, reminders, reasons to pause and thank The Lord. Humble acts of praise that I am grateful to admit helped truly change my perspective. 

A single mom who has battled years of struggles and consequences for choices and actions out of her control: God brings Amazing People into our lives at the right time in interesting ways.  :)

A mother who fought hard and believed God against ALL odds on behalf of her son: God is good ALL the time! :)

A childhood friend who has battled years of infertility: 2 hour delay tomorrow - shortest teaching week ever!

A woman whose known the pain of divorce, being a single mom, and experiencing second chances directly given by God, an example of joy and happiness no matter what your circumstance: Your kid is awesome and [my daughter] wants to play on the playground thingy at CFA with him. :)

Someone who re-entered my life when I was a single mom, sent to be a light and encouragement: We have a warm home and cozy bed and blankets to snuggle up in.

A newfound friend who admitted she used to not like me at all, now someone I can truly count on and depend on: I'm developing new friendships and have lost 11 pounds! Oh, and you are an inspiration to me and I'm blessed to call you friend :)

A breast cancer survivor and faithful wife serving her disabled husband, truly an example of faith to me: I am thankful for everything God has given me :)

An unexpected problem left her as a young widow, yet her smile never fades: You are an inspiration to me...Jesus loves you so much!

An example of adoption and the ultimate gift of love, now battling singleness and life's disappointments: I have a permanent position at work, and a NEW thermostat that keeps me warm!!

If they only knew! If they only knew that I'm no inspiration - I'm a big fat complainer! If they only knew how much I admire their strength, courage, obedience to God, faith in Him! If they only knew how much of an encouragement they are to me!

Heaven forbid something didn't go my way. Heaven forbid my plans don't work out. Heaven forbid I dare complain when I have so much to give thanks and praise.

Thank you, dear friends, for your encouragement to me. For teaching me to give thanks in all things. For helping me see God's goodness no matter what. For helping me recognize how much bigger the world is than my disappointments...and how much bigger God is than ALL of it!


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