There are snowflakes falling outside the window as I type. I have always loved the snow. A fresh blanket of freshly fallen flakes covering everything in sight. It seems the perfect picture of the way we are covered by God's grace and mercy. God is in the details.

Yesterday I was typing away when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It wasn't a stranger - someone I know from church but rarely talk to. I was then blessed to hear this amazing story of God's - ONLY GOD'S - provision and how He opened what seemed to be impossible doors, doors that for almost 5 years this family had tried to pry, push or force open on their own. God is in the details.

Shortly after that conversation, my heart was uplifted and encouraged by yet another testimony of finding God's grace, being comforted by His love even in the midst of uncertainty and tragedy. I was blessed to be able to make an acquaintance a new friend, more like a spiritual sister in Christ. God is in the details.

Later that same day, I sat among a group of mentors and peers as I heard godly Christian leaders cast their vision and spur us on to rise up and make an impact. I left overwhelmed wondering how I could even play a part. God is in the details.

Just before closing my iPad for the evening I checked one last message. It was as if I could hear the joy and excitement in her voice, only it was conveyed in written form. Years of anguish, years of pain, years of heartache now seemingly overshadowed by the joy and blessing overflowing from an abundant heart. God is in the details.

That all happened within 24 hours. God is in each and every moment, each and every detail.

Were there things to complain about? Sure. Were there reasons to stress, worry, fear or feel anxious? Undoubtedly. Were there others dealing with loss, grief, pain and tragedy? Most assuredly. And even in those circumstances, God is in the details.

What I was reminded of were the many, many reasons God is taking care of each and every detail. Even me. When I surrender everything to Him and I choose to seek HIM, I find Him. His word assures me of this and yesterday was one of those days that over and over again, God showed up and showed me - and others - His power, might and reason to be glorified. 

I'm more than aware that these days aren't everyday. If they were, how much less would I appreciate them? I understand there are days that go by when I'm wondering where God is and why I can't sense Him or His presence. And along come these days when, truthfully, I am just BLOWN AWAY at God. 

I shouldn't be surprised by Him, but then again I'm so thankful He constantly chooses to bless me beyond what I can even fathom. In every single detail.


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