It's been 30 years.

30 years ago today.

You know how much I love birthdays and celebrating, so I couldn't rest my eyes tonight without acknowledging today, March 31.

It's my spiritual birthday. The 30th anniversary of the day I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I was 5 years old. I can still recall kneeling beside my bed. I can recall coming home from church just desperate to talk to my mom. I knew I couldn't wait one more minute. I have this fuzzy picture in my mind of the scene. A moment frozen in time that would change my entire life. 

As I watch the childlike faith of my own 5 year old as he deals with his own belief in God, I can more clearly understand what my own mentality must have been at the time. 

I've spent the vast majority of my life knowing and trusting in Christ as my Savior, and then pursuing a relationship with Him as Lord of my life. I wish I could say that has happened without fail, but I'd be remisce if I didn't acknowledge the times I've fallen, gone astray, lost my way. There's parts of the journey where I can look back and see how my faith increased, how my eyes were fixed on Him. There are other marks along the way that indicate my fallen flesh and faulty faith. Yet through it all, one thing has remained and that is He's never let go of me. 

This day, March 31st, 1984, was the day I gave my heart and life to Christ. It's the day eternal salvation became mine. Though I've stumbled and lost my way, my soul will never be lost from the grip of grace held by my Savior. 

Everyday is a day my life has been marked by this life-altering decision to follow Christ. To know Him as Savior and to place Him Lord over my life. Not just to claim the gift of salvation during one prayer some 30 years ago, but to forever change my life each and everyday for the past 30 years...and for the rest of my very existence. 

Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul!


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