The first full day of spring. Here I sit on the back porch, enjoying the warmth of this 60-degree day, soaking in the sounds of birds churping, the rustling of branches in the wind. There's a few blossoms on a budding tree revealing hints that this new season of birth and growth has arrived. It's peaceful in my little cul de sac. 

In magnificent form, I caught a glimps of a bird with impressive wingspan soaring across the backyard. It circled back around and I could see with certainty the majesty of its flight, taking ownership of the sky, gliding on the wind and expressing itself with ease and grace. 

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Several times this week I've attempted to write. There's something so tragic, so detrimental, I've not even been able to express it. Truthfully I didn't think it wise to share, yet I couldn't figure out how to even process the situation and all the emotions that came with it. 

I'm enjoying the peacefulness of this day, thankful for the reminder of God's presence and the peace that passes all understanding even in the midst of sorrow, pain and grief. In the middle of inexplainable tragedy there's a calm that comes from knowing Him even when we don't know the answers or the whys.

I don't have to worry about growing weary. I don't have to fear growing faint. There are times I think I simply can't or won't make it. There are times when as sure as I am of my weakness, I know I will most certainly stumble, fall, fail, give up, lose heart, lose hope, lose strength. 

Though I grow tired and weary, though my strength gives out, though I can't even think straight, though I don't even know what to feel, though I can't make sense of the swirling emotions, though the mountains be shaken, though my flesh and my heart may fail, despite all of it, I'm given the promise of taking flight, soaring with such grace and ease as that eagle who just circled the trees. Riding the wind with strength. Giving way to the breezes and using them to empower flight. When my hope is in The Lord, trusting fully, faithfully surrendering to Him, I don't have to worry about giving up or giving in. My strength is renewed even when I feel like I can't go another second. When I can't take yet another step, He gives me wind to let me soar. Rising above the uncertainty and gaining not just clarity but soaring to new perspective as I draw closer to Him. 


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