The First Day of School

It's the hustle and bustle of the first day of school
For a morning in August it's unseasonably cool
No more sleeping in, lazy days are now gone
We were up bright and early and getting things done

The backpack was full with new school supplies
His lunch box was packed with a happy surprise
A note on his napkin complete with a smile
Never mind that this gesture might not be in style

He picked his own outfit despite my suggestions
He chose the Minion shirt to leave quite an impression
He asked for his hair to be in a spike
Which is something before he had never liked

I asked him for certain should I walk him in
He said that I could and gave me a grin
Of course he refused to hold mommy's hand
An independent streak in this little man

Just then he stopped and reached down with care
He picked up two flowers for me to wear in my hair
I smiled with pride, how could I deny
This special request from my sweet little guy

We walked to his classroom, I made sure to show him the way
"Pay attention where to go, I won't be here after today."
He walked into class and went straight to his seat
He never looked back and my heart skipped a beat

I was happy he was happy as he worked to settle in
My heart couldn't decide if I should cry or grin
His bravery inspired me to just walk away
But all I can think about is the end of the day

I won't shed any tears, I just hope and I pray
That these hours that separate us in our day
Will be filled with learning and growing and more
There's much to be discovered in the year that's in store

I pray for him to be kind and sweet
I pray for the friends he soon will meet
I pray for his teacher and for all she has to do
I pray for your child and for you, mommies, too
Who are sending your babies to school today
Whatever the age, whatever the grade

We know in our hearts we've done all we can do
To bring them to this point, now the rest is up to You
Watch over them, Lord, keep them safe while they're away
Give us peace as their parents as we go about our day

Help us remember when you chose these babies for us
That we are your servants in whom You trust
To raise them and pray for them as we point them to You
To show them God's love above all that we do

The first day of school is yet another milestone
To remind us of the responsibility as we watch them grow
We pray for Your goodness to surround them in grace
And we ask for Your mercy for whatever they face

Keep us grounded in You as we raise daughters and sons
Help us seek You only, our Eternal One
You are God, You are good, You are all that we need
So to You and You alone, we offer this plea

Protect our little ones, however big or small
We give them to You, not one day but all
For all of their days You planned for them
As you knit them together before their lives began

It's the first day of school!
Thank You, Lord for this day
In Your name I ask all these things as I pray


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