Snow Day

This. This is the view from my back porch this very morning. Just shy of a foot of snow that fell over the last 24 hours. What a beautiful sight. 

I know. I realize some of you snow haters are disgusted by this image. I know you're posting your disdain for the fluffy cold stuff that has you trapped indoors. The pain and agony the piles upon heaps have caused you have littered my newsfeed. Just as much as my blissful snow pictures have clogged up your own feeds. 

Yes, I do know that many of you not only hate this slick stuff, you're also renouncing our friendship because I've made it no secret how much I love the snow. It brings me only joy to know my prayers have been heard and answered, despite your faith being tested as you long for the sun and sand.

Please don't misunderstand. There are puddles all over the once clean hardwoods where snow has found its way in. There are mounds of snow gear inside piled just as high as the snowdrifts outside. My driveway had to be shoveled just like yours (and boy oh boy, am I thankful for Mr. Wright handling that job!). School closings and work-related obstacles are also mine to deal with. I didn't escape the pains the snow has caused most. Although I also admit the comfort and luxury I enjoy inside in the warmth while many are not afforded a snow day at home. I truly am grateful for those out plowing the roads and serving to protect and provide for a snow laden city. 

I don't make apologies for my love of snow. I also don't openly complain about the hot, humid and hazy days of summer that I wish would be cooler. Ironically I am always cold so you'd think winter and I wouldn't be friends. I am fine to wrap up in my blankets and layers with the fire place and hot chocolate. That's exactly what we did last night as the snow fell outside, with the movie Frozen playing for our family time. 

My mom shared the truth behind this snow mystery that explains me. Today was the day I was due 30-ahem-some-odd years ago. "It snowed all day on the 18th and then early Monday morn on the 19th she decided she'd join us now that 15" of snow had fallen all day..." The doctor apparently deliverd me in his ski sweater. I'm sorry My entrance interfered with his ski plans. Nevertheless I entered a white world surrounded by a winter wonderland. Maybe it's why I love the snow. I love it's beauty. I love knowing it's just another way God displays His splendor. 

I'm warming up inside now after enjoying the perfect powder to build a snowman. The temperatures are dropping and will be below zero by Thursday. Let's get this clear - that was not part of my prayer request! So whether you've prayed alongside me for the snow or if you're in the group counting days until spring and planning your caribbean escape, I hope you've enjoyed this snow day. You can blame me or thank me, whichever you prefer! 


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