12 Week Update

By the end of this week, I will enter my second trimester. Every single day I praise and thank God for the miracle He's creating. 12 weeks is the typical time when people make their pregnancy announcements. Obviously we haven't followed the general "standard" and neither time do I have any regrets. The outpouring of love and prayers surrounding our family and this baby are too many to overlook and I'm thankful for each one praying for us and Baby Wright.

So here's a little update, in case you were wondering:

12 weeks today, Sunday, April 26. Due (on or around) November 8.

We've had 3 early ultra sounds, one at 6.3 weeks, one at 9.2 weeks, and one at 10.3 weeks. Each one showed baby measuring right on time with a strong heartbeat between 150 and 165. 

Our next ultra sound will be sometime in June (around 20-22 weeks) and yes we WILL be finding out the gender. 

According to the pregnancy apps Baby Wright is now the size of a lime and will reach the size of a plum or apricot by the end of this week (Michael thinks it's hilarious that it always compares to a fruit). In case you need a more specific measurement, about 2.5-3". The most amazing thing is how the apps report a fully formed human-like baby with reflexes and perfectly formed fingers and toes. The astounding miracle of God and His creation is mind blowing. 

As for my size, I've gained 4 lbs and if you saw my earlier Facebook post you'll know the bump I'm sporting is mostly from eating my weight in chips & salsa at La Carreta. Make no mistake, it IS happening. I cannot wear my regular pants, at least without a little rubber band engineering (I also had to convince Michael I didn't just come up with this age-old trick on my own). 

I'm starting to experience less nausea, at least not all day long, but have had to learn the hard way that just because I feel like I have an appetite doesn't mean I can handle a full meal. The changes that happen to the body during pregnancy are also mind blowing. You may have also seen posted that so far I've had two pregnancy cravings: one isolated night when my dear husband went for ice cream at 9:30 at night and the other when I consumed Jersey Mikes four times in a week. 

Eli continues to ask for one of each gender. We have confirmed - 3 times - there's only one! This week he's most recently asked for a brother, although that is going to require a lot of compromise because Michael's boy name contributions are, well, too horrendous to even mention!! 

I promise this blog won't be taken over by all pregnancy updates and baby announcements but for now we appreciate you reading and mostly you praying as we continue to count every day as a blessing. 


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