School Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day. His lunch is packed, breakfasts for the week are ready to go, the new dinosaur backpack is all set, along with his Minion shirt for the all-important (mom didn't get to pick this one) first day of school outfit choice. I'm reminiscent of this night 2 years ago when it was the night before Kindergarten. Now he's headed off to second grade and I truthfully can't understand how time has flown so quickly.

I know so many of you tucking in your kiddos tonight, making the same preparations for a jump start on the first day of school, and battling a bundle of nerves as you send off your little ones tomorrow. I have something to share with you because I have been (and admittedly still am) that mom. 

"Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Luke 12:27

I know how often I've reminded my own self of its truth - how if the very hairs on my own head are numbered, He certainly is watching out for the details of my life. Yet tonight as I was helping my son towel dry his hair I realized the very same truth applies to him as well. How could I think that I, his mom, somehow know better than Father God who created and fashioned and formed him? The very hairs on his head are numbered, accounted for by Sovereign God, and once again I'm reminded to surrender this boy - my boy - to the very loving and so much more capable hands of the Almighty. 

Oh I know - don't I know - how absolutely difficult it is to surrender your child. Especially my boy, the one who doesn't fit into the box, doesn't conform to the mold and certainly makes life interesting and challenging all at the same time. It causes my maternal instincts to kick into overdrive recognizing he's usually the kid that others might simply not understand. I throw up my defenses and quickly jump to his rescue. And yet I must remember Psalm 139:16,  "Your eyes saw [his] unformed body; all the days ordained for [him] were written in your book before one of them came to be." [I've taken the liberty to personalize this over my son to make sure I remember!] He's watching over the details of his life, the very days He planned for him even before I knew he would be mine. 

So here's to you, mamas, the ones lingering a little longer at bedtime, sneaking in a few extra cuddles and kisses and savoring some precious lasting moments that you know you will cherish (I did the exact same thing even tonight). I know how you feel and I understand your emotions - and yet I encourage you with the unfailing fact that our God is big enough to take the very best care over each of our babies. I'm trusting Him with my boy and I'm praying for you and your little ones!


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